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January 24, 2011


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lol Too cute!

joann tx

the looks on friday's face are to die for! he is so adorable!

i can relate but i only had two to photo for christmas. but their card came out them both looking in the opposite directions! LOL!

gotta love those furry four legged kids! :)

Terri England

beautiful dogs. I love dogs


that was too funny. They were so cute with snowflakes on their faces.


LOL Great pictures and love the post :)



Love it...but Paulette-y, you had better be careful, you know what they say about animals (dogs) starting to look like your masters...or is it the masters start to look like their dogs? hmmmm...

lol JK JK JK JK JK!!!!!!!!

Stephanie M.

I am amazed that you were able to get those pictures. As soon as I pull the camera or IPhone out my Yorkie runs....Love your pics!!

Linda Huson

Totally hysterical! And great pictures by the way - the colors just pop out against the snow - and look so clear and pretty!

You are a great picture taker!

Linda in VA


lol! Trying to get people in a picture together is hard enough. 3 dogs? Forget it!! lol! Great pics of the individuals. And great one of the two little ones too! You're getting there!


LOVE the closeup of Yorkie! It's so cute. If you ever get the 3 of them together, you are indeed a MIRACLE worker!!! :) Cathryn


i can't even get my cats to look at the camera -- when they see it, they run away and hide. so at least you got SOME pictures.


Love, love, love this post!! Hugs Paulette


Too funny!! I just love the looks on their faces. I think the pics you did get are amazing.

Linda Klinedinst


You are way too funny with your cute adorable irrestible loving puppies. Their faces speaks the words that they are thinking...their facial expressions is just way too cute and funny.

Now be nice to your puppies give them lots of goodies to eat.

Don't be too hard on them when they go get their shots...give them lots of hugs and cuddle them into your arms.

Take care & Happy Designing/Stitching
Hugs :) from Cold Northern Indiana
Linda K, Railroad


I love them. I love the close up of the Yorkie - you can see a couple of perfect snowflakes - awesome. (I miss my Clark, sigh)

Judy Starkey

I laughed so hard I was crying! I do understand this! It is as bad as trying to get all my grandkids together at one time! Good try though!

Thanks for your lovely designs! I love them.


Too cute and super funny!

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