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January 19, 2011


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I made this same pilgramage when I attended a conference about 100 miles from SB. I experienced the same welcoming that you did and truly loved the shop and the folks there. I still enjoy my memories nearly 10 years later.

Margie Cooper

I would run over everyone in my way to get to that shop. How neat!!!
So inviting!!!!
Thanks for sharing too.

Julie Forslev

I have sooooo many SB kits, but, alas, I have not done a single one. Someday......

joann tx

SB was not my first cross stitch love but maybe my second, tho i probably have equal amounts of each stitched! and i LOVE their older charts! so much that some day maybe i'll get to the ones i've not stitched yet!

and needlerolls? did someone say needlerolls? i think i've almost everyone they put out! :)

i am SO happy for you that you got to visit the shop! maybe you'll get to that retreat one day?

thank you for sharing your pics of the shop! now i can say i've almost been there myself! :)


What a special visit! I am so glad you got to go! I would love to spend a month or two browsing there!


Oh, I made that same trip when I was in Park City a couple of years ago (I stayed at the Marriott Mountainside)! SB is oh so drool-worthy, I agree!

Normally they always have something baking, too, so not only are you tempted by every.last.goodie on the wall, but then the scent of fresh cookies and...bam... you'll never want to leave. I very nearly moved in.

Lucky, lucky you! I would love to visit the shop. It looks so warm and inviting and so many, many things to look at (or drool over)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story and great pictures.



Great post Paulette. I feel the same way each and every time I'm in their shop. It's almost magical isn't it? Hugs and thanks again for sharing.


I envy you! I have always wanted to visit this shop, but alas I have not been out west! I think I could spend hours there. I have stitched 2 of their stockings and a few smaller designs in my 20+ years of stitching. What fun it must have been.


What a gorgeous gorgeous post. Thanks for sharing all those lovely pictures. x


Lucky you!!! I want to go too, someday! Love the little sheep pin, and Lisa's A&E looks so pretty done in SB colors.

L. Rudd

Thank you for a wonderful post. I love love love Tina and Teri and their beautiful designs!

Kristen from MA

I am swooning! What a gorgeous shop! What a cute little pin!

Thanks for sharing, Paulette. :)

Linda Huson

I'm truly and without a doubt totally jealous! I would love love LOVE to get to this shop one day. I hope they have a soft floor, because they would not get me out - I would just sleep there....

Linda in VA


I'm so jealous. That fabric wall really got my attention. I think I would have to throw myself against that wall of wonderful fabric. I've added another shop to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures and the story of how it all started.


Ah, so lucky! And yes, I do think meeting these rock star xs designers is like meeting real celebrities. I'm sure I would be the same way meeting you too! SB looks so nice!!! PS was my first love with xs. Just like SB was for you. I loved the story of Breanna's room.


Thank you for sharing your visit! I love the photos! So happy you were finally able to make the pilgrimage there!


Wow...that's all I can!

Lynn in Alabama

I want everything in that store!!!

The funny part, for me, is that you swoon and need smelling salts. That is how I would react if I got to meet you and your family. :)


How lucky you are Paulette! This shop looks fantastic.

Mary Kelly

Oh my! you certainly have been to heaven and back. Wonderful photos - I am sure I would have totally forgotten to take photos if I had been there.
I taught myself to stitch on SB Winter Hearts.
I thoroughly enjoyed the postings and photos from your holiday - thanks for sharing.


I am so jealous!!! Would love to visit their shop one day and I too have wanted to go to their retreat for what seems like forever, but like you something always comes up. So glad you were finally able to visit and it was everything you imagined it would be and thanks for sharing your visit with us.

Faye Riggsbee

Maybe in my lifetime I will be able to get there some day....I know your head is still reeling!! The photos are absolutely beautiful....Looks like about every nook and cranny was covered with wonderful~~ Take care, Faye


WOW! Twenty years ago, I bought a cross-stitch book of Pricilla's Bears, because I wanted to make something for my baby to be......I didn't know what I was having, but I wanted to make this child a "big and beautiful" had become my new hobby.....I had a daughter, I made her this cross-stitch, and she still has it (packed away)....and my love for cross-stitch REALLY began after that accomplishment!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shop you visited!!


What a great store! I want to go there..... Too bad we don't have stores like that in the Netherlands...

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