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December 02, 2010


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joann tx

what two cuties jake and samantha are!

and what a big heart mike and his fellow officers have! :) i bet they all had a great time at "shop with a cop" night!

did either of the two kids come away with any "board" games they could play w/their siblings? :)



How great and touching.
Mike is an amazing dad and man, and so are you (I mean mum and woman lol!).
You and your family are all amazing. I haven't much commented lately, with my gran's passing, I had no inspiration; but today, I wanted to say how comforting your posts have been for me lately. Seeing the love and beauty of family, your lovely children, the warmth of your posts, they have helped me through difficult times. Thank you for this blog and your amazing designs that I can now find in France very easily. Yoohoo!
Enjoy the season.


What an amazingly special thing that he is doing. Those pictures speak volumes.


I have tears in my eyes reading this sweet story, Paulette. Your Mike is a special man indeed! I have a tender heart for police officers of Mike's caliber because my Dad was a police man when I was a little girl. He was a man of integrity and honor, like your Mike. Thank you for sharing this with us.


How wonderful! Thank you for sharing, it put a smile on my face :)


Thank you for sharing and reminding all of us what the season is truly about. God Bless!


always love hearing dad's shop with a cop stories! they are always sooo cute and funny, can't wait to come home to hear them! love and miss you!


What a wonderful story!! I'm sure Mike left a lasting impression!

Kristen from MA

I'm all teary here at work. I love your husband. I've never met him, but I love him. What a sweetheart!

Linda Klinedinst

My area that I live in does the same thing every year for the Children. I think it is a great that Mike participates in this and he had two cute little kids to shop for too.

What a truly Blessing he is to the children and to his Police Department. Way to go Mike. You are a great person and thank you for your protection in your state/town. You are in my daily prayers.

What a story and it brought tears to my eyes -

Mike - Stay Safe and tell your Police Department that I said Thank You for everything that they do for the Children. What a truly Blessing to these Children.

Take care & Happy Stitching/Designing
Hugs to you and to Mike
Linda K, Railroad


Needy kids always melt Mike's butter. I wish every child could have a game night and shopping with him at this time of year, because I know when these kids are with him, they think they are the most important child, for a while, which is how every child should feel. Love you, Mike. Yfmil

Julie Forslev

You've definitely got a keeper. What a great example he is to your children!


Awww....this brought tears to my eyes to think of these policemen and what a huge impact they have made on the lives of children. You have a sweetheart there! I am married to a retired Army guy and he's another man in uniform that really understands and loves kids (DH works with the children's program in our church and they constantly run after him calling him Mr. Mike). There is something special about these men!!


That is soooo wonderful! I bet Mike is the best policeman in the group with the kids too, being such a kid himself. What a sweetheart you have! (Don't let him get a big head. lol!)

Teresa S

This is your best post ever! Get out the Kleenex! This type of one-on-one giving is the way Christmas should be!


That is a wonderful event and they couldn't find a better volunteer than Mike. Wonderful big-hearted people the Stewart family is. God bless you all. :) Cathryn


Mike is one special guy! It was a very touching story. Have a wonderful holiday. Pat


Love it! What an amazing family you have!!


Now this is the true spirit of Christmas. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for helping those less fortunate. Mike is wonderful. God Bless!

Terri England

That is wonderful Paula. We do The Magic of Christmas every year and it is rewarding :)

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