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December 14, 2010


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Zoinks. I think I need to get some breathing apparatus, to help restore my breathing. OH. MY. GOSH. I am in heaven. Darlene sent me some CDs of her incredible stitching last year and they were so amazing and inspiring. Seeing her work in its 'regular habitat' is even more inspirational. WOW. I feel like Christmas just came. Thanks for sharing the inspiration through your amazing photography!! And then I see on your Twitter feed that (grabbing the breathing apparatus again...) you finished The Flood. Be still my beating heart.


Paulette thank-you for sharing pictures of Darlene's samplers and Christmas ornaments.I loved seeing it..


Wow!!! Oh wow!!! Oh lucky you to visit Darlene! Thank you and thank Darlene too for allowing us to sample her wonderful, inspirational collection of stitching. OMG! I need to lie down now.


I simply don't know what to write....that is one amazing lady! How lucky were you to get to visit and see such a collection and spend time talking with Darlene!!

Thank you so much for sharing!


O*M*GOOOOSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHH!!!! Beautimus stitching abounds!!! You would have had to literally drag my body, mouth agape, from one room to the next! Inspiration with a capital I!!! Where's my needle????? And..oh yeah...I want to restart Frances Eden in 2011! ;o)


Oh my there must be like a litte slice of heaven! What glorious, wonderful works surround her! Thank you so much for sharing with us :)


Wow! What fabulous stitching. I love the tree and recognise many of the ornaments. Lucky you to be able to go and visit!


Gosh, what fabulous work she has completed. I'm so glad you got that special treat and that you shared it with us.


Wow! That is so amazing. It truly takes your breath away. What an amazing needlewoman. Cathryn


This store is like a pradise to me!!! Thank you for share these wonderful pictures ... they are more than inspiration to me!!!!
Happy Christmas!!!and New ear full of health, love and joy!!


Wiping the drool from my chin! I will probably return to this post frequently to try and take in all the wonder! That is truly inspiring!


We are all now drooling!!!! Great photos, great stitching and oh my goodness where did she find the time to complete all the Mary Beale Stockings????? I am so envious.

Dawn Moore

Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing Darlene's samplers with us. Can you share the designer and name of Darlene's favorite sampler that you identified in your post? I love it as well.


that was truely beautiful. So many samplers. I wish we had a cross stitch store close to here and I would do tons of samplers too. I love them. Thanks for sharing.


fantastic! thank you for showing us:)

Laurie in Iowa

OMG... beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing Darlene's work with us.

Kristen from MA

Wow! I want my walls to look like that some day!

Thanks for the amazing eye candy, Paulette. :)


Such treasured works of art by hand!!
That is like walking into a museum!



Oh, these are FANTASTIC!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Darlene is a wonder! The stitching is sublime! I want my walls covered like that, too! If only we had the list of all those A&E samplers... :D We've got to start somewhere! Hehe. But thanks so much for sharing, Paulette -- really made my day.


I am absolutely amazed at this body of work! How lucky you were to see all makes me think I need to start keeping some (more) of my work instead of giving it away. Thanks for sharing!


Holy Cow! What beautiful pieces. I truly enjoyed looking at the pictures you posted today. How does she keep them all dust free? I put glass on everything.

Tedra Raden

Wow, what a beautiful collection of samplers and ornaments - what a treat that must have been to see those up close and personal!
Tedra - Phoenix, AZ


WOW!! Absolutly STUNNING works of art. How long did you spend looking at all those WONDERFUL samplers? I probably would have wanted to stay all day, and then the tree. STUNNING! That is what I long for in a few years a tree stuffed fulled of XS's ornaments.

Thank you for sharing such awesome photos



Inspiration is right, what an adventure!! Love you for sharing it with us!!


Wow! Amazing...thanks to you and of course Darlene for sharing her home and samplers. I absolutely love the stockings hung on the mantle and all those wonderful ornaments too.

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