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December 13, 2010


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Robin Hager

I hope both of your "elves" feel better. We have had the usual "winter cold" around here as well. Sophie has inherited her mom's creativity! I bet you all have real snowflakes about that size in Nebraska! Brrrrrrr!


Wow, that is really cool!! Looks like Sophie is another talented and creative being. Hope the two elves feel better soon. Not fun being sick.


Very cool Sophie! I really like your snowflake. I hope you feel better soon! Maybe you can teach your Dad how to make a snowflake too! It will take his mind off of being sick too!


Beautiful snowflake!

What is that young'n (as my granny would say) doing in a tank top? Layers, Sophie, Layers! It's cold! ;) Feel better soon!


Beautiful!! Wish I had a little elf like her around these days. I hope she feels better really soon.


Beautiful, Sophie! You have your mothers gift of creativeness! I am so sorry to hear that Sophie and Mike aren't feeling well. Prayers that all will be well very soon. :) Cathryn

Susan Sullivan

For your sick elf and Mike, rub some Vicks on the bottom of their feet, put socks on to cover and send them to bed. Works wonders! Worth a try at least.
Loved the snowflake she cut out! How beautiful!

Happy Stitching!

Sheryl Hicks

wow, great snowflake. Do you have a pattern for that? Hope everyone gets better real soon.

Rosalie A. Colby

Is that little elf willing to share her secret for making those beautiful creations.

Linda Klinedinst

Sophie is so cute - sorry to hear that you are sick Sophie...I love your Snowflake that you made...that is really cool are so talented. I hope you get to feeling better soon Sophie.

Mike - Sorry to hear that you are sick too...I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Paulette - now don't you get are not allowed to get sick okay. You stay well.

Take care & Happy Stitching/Designing
Hugs :) from Cold Sunny Northern Indiana
Linda K, Railroad


Oh Paulette, don't you catch "it". Moms can NOT get sick! Hope your two elfs are feeling better real soon!


Sophie did a great job on the snowflake ... how did she do that? would love to know and make one also! Hope your family gets well soon ... it is no fun to be sick in December.


Wow! That's amazing! I want one!! If she can do that when she is feeling poorly, then I can only imagine what she can do when she is 100%!

Hope everyone is feeling better!


I was so sick this week I had to go to the Doctor - as one of the uninsured, not something I typically do -- so that's how sick I was. Instead of making snowflakes, I finished Boris!

Hope Sophie and Mike feel better!


I hope Mike and Sophie are feeling better now!
Our stiching groug made these same snowflakes to decorate the hall where we gather. However I didn't see how to make them since I was absent that night. They're beautiful for sure!


Wow, what a cool paper star Sophie made. How did she do that? Please explain to me...

Hope you're all feeling better soon.

Terri England

Oh Sophie that is beautiful. I love it. I hope you all had a great Christmas

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