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December 16, 2010


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LOVED this post. This game looks AWESOME! I love the little bunny pieces and the artwork. I laughed out loud for a few minutes when you showed the card Sophie played. She was definitely thinking of your hatred of board games!!!! Me, I love board games, but my significant other does not. I am going to look this game up now. I have never heard of it.


Oh my goodness, this is one of the funniest stories I've read in a while! Absolutely hilarious! Thank you for sharing it with us, Paulette!


Sophie has quite the sense of humor! lol! Love it! Looks like a fun game. Does Apples to Apples count as a Bored game? It's fun if you haven't heard of it. Doesn't involve a board though.


Love the artwork and it actually sounds like it can be a lot of fun! I just wonder if I would be quick enough to think of good things!


Okay. Though I spent my the entirety of my childhood alone playing games with myself (read: devotedly fondling/arranging the game pieces and board) much like Mike, I eventually discovered video games and now stitching. Those two being infinitely more entertaining solo passtimes--and I outgrew the desire for the Bored Games.

But this one? Rabbit Game Pieces? Strong Art-elements? :3


Never heard of it ~ looks great!! I love art of it.

Hope Sophie is feeling better :)


The game looks like fun! I'm not a "bored" game fan either! Used to have to force myself to play Candyland with my kids! lol

Wanted to say congrats on the Just Cross Stitch article! I just received my copy today in the mail and enjoyed reading about Plum Street Samplers very much! Mike and the girls should be very proud of Mom!

Happy holidays to all!
Linda in CO


Love to read your posts Paulette. This is an interesting game. I've never heard of it before. I too, read the JCS article with great interest. I loved it! Congratulations. Cathryn


How clever Sophie is and what a sense of humour!


I was so thinking of Apples to Apples as I read this! And this game looks like great fun! I know all the women in my family would play it, but my step and husband still won't. They're the type who sit out and then yell the answers. Grrr. (You know that Electra complex? Yea... I didn't kill my mom, but I definitely married (a younger version of) my dad!) Sophie is brilliant, by the way, hehe. So glad you enjoyed the game, I'll have to look into getting it (are you getting commission from the company, recommending it like this? You should!) Happy holidays!


Paulette - I am so glad there is another person out there that doesn't like board games. I dread it when the kids come to me and ask me to play. I loved the card that sophie played. Touche'.


We have the same game hère in France.
And we like play with it !


This looks like a great game. My husband has a sister who is 13 and she would LOVE this game her parents love to play board games as do I. My husband will NOT play any games with me :(*sad poutting face* LOL
So whenever I go back home to visit I amke sure I get lots of board games in.
Thanks for sharing the game


This is bizarre! I am a stitcher who has looked at your blog for a long time. I am also a newish fan of board games. Imagine my surprise when I read your husband's review of Dixit on only to be redirected back to your blog. Right now our kids are too young to play this one with us (under 3 years old) so I guess we will have to wait for a few years to try it. I loved seeing your photos and hearing your thoughts about it! Maybe I can find some more stitcher-gamers locally. :-)

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