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September 27, 2010


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Looks like a great bunch of kids - or should I say young adults!! Thanks for sharing!


What a awesome bunch of kids,,


How beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!

Marika Christian

Everyone looks so wonderful -- and while I love the shoes, I would kill myself in them. what a great way to send them off to the dance.


The girls all looked so lovely. What fun. I remember those days. The dresses, the hair and all that fun girly stuff. Enjoy every minute.


Love the Dr. Seuss theme! It sounds like you did a wonderful job and the kids had a great time. Sabrina is just lovely - I think she looks the most like. Oh, and the shoe picture is such fun.

joann in TX

i'm with marika! those shoes would kill me now! but oh, the fortune spent in shoes! they were all gorgeous! as were all the dress's!!!

thanks! i wondered which of the dress's brea chose! she looked great! as did all her friends! and what fun for them (and you!) a pot luck at your place!


Looove those shoes!!! :D Great pictures! Sounds like a good time was had by all! Ah, senior year going quickly. And Sophie biting at the bit for her turn!



april taylor

They were all Beautiful and Handsome. Loved the Theme Tables. You did a great Job !!! I excuse your picture.. Hey you did all the work & hosting!! LOL Just keep it in mind... Not to far away for Sophie's turn... LOL


Wow! Sabrina looks beautiful. What wonderful memories this will be for everyone. Thanks for sharing the pictures. They're really great. Cathryn

Peggy Lee

What a lovely group of young people! Looks like you had alot of fun. Love the Dr. Seuss theme!
Hmmm....the theme song to my Homecoming dance was Purple Rain by Prince.
Oh gosh, I need to go find me some chocolate.


That's a great looking bunch of young adults. God I wish I could still wear shoes like those!
Thanks for sharing the pics.


Sabrina looked just beautiful (Was there any doubt that she would??)!! And oh those shoes!! If she decides they need a new home, just send them my way, m'kay?

What a great mom you are to do that for Sabrina and her friends! Looks like a good time was had by all. :)

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