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September 17, 2010


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Oh my gosh! I can't stop laughing at this one. I actually think that verse would be great on a sampler!


lol! I hope the blue jays do their job for you, since your cute doggies don't seem to be doing theirs. :D That is one biiiig cat!


Don't forget the Syracuse Orangemen!

joann in TX

the looks on that cat's face are priceless!
i could see you graphing them up! :)

hum, sounds to me like its a job for Mighty Max!!!
he'll chase that cat right off the fence and let all your neighbors know he's doing it! shall i send him up on the next flight out of houston?

he has his own ankle biter here at home but none bigger than him like friday. tho he's a good boy and i'm sure he and friday would become fine friends! LOL!!!


LOLOL!! Great post!

But I must disagree... I think that would be a fabulous sampler... Here's what my lil (sick, twisted) brain sees:

A cat. Tail feathers, and maybe a little leg hanging out of it's mouth. Feathers on the ground at his feet.

And the verse...

'Twas the night before feeder fill and all through the yard
Not a birdie was stirring, not even a grouse.
Nary a feather can be found, except for the strays upon the ground.

I'm sick. I know. Excuse me while I go check myself into the institute.

Ha! Now I'm thinking of that Dr. Demento song "They're coming to take me away haha heehee..."

Oh man. Clearly I need to go to bed!!


Paulette, this is too funny. I made Dear Marc see the photos in this post--I said, "Look at this cat; he's totally 'camping'!"

Dear Marc commented that I'd used that term, a reference to gaming (ask Mike; it's a term for First Person Shooter Genre video games where one of the combatants takes possession of a sweet place from which to snipe the others and then proceeds to pick them off like shooting fish in a barrel--until the others figure out where the bullets are all issuing from and come after him.), correctly.

Do you suppose he'll get many birds there? lol!

I do like birds well enough, but I love cats, and his expressions and postures in this post are too hilarious! Thanks for sharing. :D

Lynn D

With the cat now being seen on your blog, I must say... your blog is totally perfect!


LOVE the cat pics :)



oh that big orange cat is priceless...what is not to love about him...he's just trying to grab a snack!

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