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September 20, 2010


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Peggy Lee

I'm almost moved to tears here. OK...I WAS moved to tears but I managed to choke them back.
I am so proud of you Mike and you had the best couple of cheerleaders anyone could ask for.

I enjoy reading your blog so much Paulette. Thank you for sharing!

Robin Hager

Mike, I am so proud of you! I was glad to be a small part of your success! It means so much for you to be dedicated to such a worthy cause. My husband and I try to promote organ donation because he received a new heart in February of this year. He looks 15 years younger, and we have a chance at a new life together. Thanks to generous people like you, someone else will have a chance to live a healthier, longer life.


Hooray for Mike! Thanks for the pics -- it's great to see how the event went and all. I was happy to be a part of it all if only in a small way. And yay for Sophie the cheerleader too!


Way to go, Mike!! That is awesome :)


Jeanne B

Mike, I'm so proud of you for finishing that race. I know how far 10K really is. I lost my mom to lung cancer so this is a charity that is close to my heart. Thanks for doing it.


An inspiring post & pics, just awesome!!

Marika Christian

You know I never mind being a single dog chick, but I think if I met a guy like Mike, I could give up the single part... not the dog part. I love what I see of his relationship with his daughters, especially Sophie .. and how does she not know who Bobba Fett is, what are they teaching the kids in school? Thanks for taking us with you ... the pics made my night!

joann tx

yeah, mike! way to go! congrats on your winning finish!!! i didn't see the other guys from the OPD which tells me you must have left them in the dust!!!

and what a great training buddy and cheer leader!
yeah sophie!

as for the darth vadar wanna be's? only in omaha???



Way to go!! Congrats on your accomplishment! I too was wondering about your fellow OPD runners? And, did you ever find anyone for that "bored" game after the race??

audrey enloe

Great job Mike!!! Natalie and I are so proud of you!!! Cant wait to see you! Those pics are great! Love you!

Liz Mathews

Hellllllllllooooo Nick ;)

Hope you are doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Way to go, Mike!! What a huge accomplishment! Can't wait to see the post of you passing the finish line in your first half marathon!! Congratulations!


Congratulations, Mike, on your great finish! Your family must be soooo proud of you. Yay, Sophie, for being a best buddy cheerleader!


Congratulations on your finish, Mike!! And kudos to your for donating your time & efforts to such a great cause!!

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