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August 06, 2010


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Well done Sophie, looks like there are quite a few Xstitch designers in the Stewart household.

It looks a fun design.

Terri - TerriBoog

i LOVE it, Paulette! Yeah for Sophie for designing the gate and I love the pineapple, especially!!! I will absolutely stitch this one. Can't wait to see Christmas!

Laurie in Iowa

Love the ornament!


I love it! Great design and so original.


It is awesome!!When I first saw the cover, before the issues arrived for the shop, I spotted that cutey and loved it! Then when they arrived and saw who did it, I thought, OF COURSE!! Truly cool and great job on the gate, Sophie!!

And I already love your Christmas ornament...:o)



Very stitchable! Love the gate Sophie :-) it looks like you will be giving your mum and sister a run for their money in the cross stitch designer stakes!

I love this ornament Paulette!! LOVE reading about your wonderful family and all the adventures! Can't wait to get my issue. Well done Sophie!


That is a cute ornament! Definitely my favourite from the Hallowe'en issue And if yours is the ornament in the middle of the front page of the Christmas issue (Love and Joy come to you): then I already blogged last week to say it was a must stitch for me!


I knew that one must be yours! Can't wait to receive my copy, and the Ornie issue too.


Nice one!

Judith Poulos

LOVE this....can't wait to get my magazine!!


Love it! Fantastic all around! I'm glad I already have the issue. :)


I got a copy a couple of days ago, and I was excited to see your design. My mom said that was her favorite, and I said, "Of course, Mom. It's Paulette!"


I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to get it!!

Keep up the good work!
Looking so forward to the Halloween Just Cross Stitch magazine, Christmas too!


Love the ornament! Can't wait to get my issue.


Very charming Paulette...good job by Sophie too!!

Karen H

love it don't usually buy the halloween issue but this year I will thanks for another great design....


I love this ornie Paulette. In fact, it's my favorite one out of the issue. It's definitely on my "to be stitched" list.


I love it, I'll have to be sure to get that issue this year!


Love the ornament. Need to go to Barnes and Nobel to see if I can pick up this issue.

Ann in Scotland

Your designs are very special - they have a certain something that makes them so appealing. I am looking forward to your releases next month.



This is my favorite of the magazine and look forward to stitching this.

Sophie, What a wonderful job on designing the fence ~ another artist in the family!

Julie H

Very cute! Job well done to both...

I am getting excited about the JCS Halloween issue!!!


It's great Paulette! Love those sheep! I can't wait to get my issue!! :)


Love the ornament Paulette. You do such wonderful work. :-)

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