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July 20, 2010


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Not only do you have beautiful daughers, but your photography skills are wonderful. She could start a modeling portfolio with those photos. Wow! I'm jealous!

Thank you for your wonderful blog -- you make all of us feel like part of your family!



What terrific pictures. Those last 4 pictures I really see her mom in her! Before you know it the school year will begin and end quickly, enjoy!


Yes, that would be our totally wonderful Sabrina. We couldn't have ordered a more perfectly sweet gal. It is like looking at you all over again--not that you were THAT perfect. ROFLOL! And that is for all the times you were mean to me on my blog! LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY
PS..I've seen a lot of yearbook photos, and I think you should be the one taking hers, if she is agreeable.


What great pictures! My favorites are the black and white one, the one where she is looking up at the camera and the one where she is sitting in that aqua-colored chair. She is such a beautiful girl!

Julie H

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful young lady! Thanks for sharing with us...

Cathy Campbell

Hi Paulette - You are an unbelievably talented photographer of all things you focus on - flowers, food, and especially your gorgeous family,(including the dogs!!!)Your blog is such fun to read - I love to see and hear about all you have been up to! What a super, close family you all are!


You should be proud of your grown-up daughter -- she's a beauty, both inside and out. And you are one talented photographer! Love all the pics! What fun!


What a great set of pictures! This year will fly by so quickly! Enjoy!

Please enter me in your giveaway!

Evelyn in Virginia


What great pictures! I wish the professional who did my senior pictures had done this well. Sabrina will love the final pictures if they are as good.

Anne R

She _is_ beautiful - and I'm not the least bit surprised she asked you to take her pics; you do her justice in every frame! :)


The pictures of Sabrina are gorgeous and I think you did a wonderful job! :) Cathryn


Aw, who needs another photo shoot... the "practice" session pics are perfect!

Will you bring your camera on a visit and make me look that beautiful?

Linda Huson

I wouldn't even be able to pick a favorite... they are all beyond lovely - and so is she....both inside and out...

And, if you ever decide to, you've got a great career in photography!

Linda in VA

Robin Hager

What a beautiful young woman. You have captured her perfectly as only a mother, who is a wonderful photographer, could! I hope she forgives you for telling us about the "butt-cwack" thing! Much love to you both.


Great photos.

Peggy Lee

I understand the 'gushing'. I only have one son but there isn't a more handsome young man than my number one boy! I am expecting my first grandson in November and I can't wait! The whole thing scares me and excites me all in one jolt!!

Your girls are all beautiful...just like their mother.
(Dad isn't bad either) ;)

Denise in MD

I love the pictures, she is a very beautiful girl. My wishes to her for a fun filled and exciting senior year.

april taylor

Sabrina is beautiful and those pictures are so pretty. That head shot of her ... The 5th from the bottom is Beautiful !!


Such cherished memories, lovely photos and truly beautiful girl, you can just 'see' that that beauty is inside and out. Comes from having such a wonderful family. You, Mike and all the girls should be so proud.


I would love to be included in a chance to win the giveaway.

Your daughter's pictures are beautiful. It is a huge accomplishment to be almost done with high school for both you and Sabrina. I, also, have a daughter graduating in 2011. And, yes, she is a middle child also. So I understand. Tell her to enjoy every minute of her senior year!

joann in TX

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the
wild hair in the Monaco Vital fruits
and veggies! they're all good but that one
is my FAVORITE!!!!!!

i can see why she's asked you to take it!!!!
great shots!


She's really beautiful!!!! And the pictures are wonderful :-).


She is beautiful and the pictures are great. Love the blue nail polish. :) Seriously. I have the same shade.


My year book pictures were a nightmare! How nice that Sabrina asked you to do hers and you are up to the challenge! She is a lovely girl.


Lovely pictures of a very beautiful young lady!

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