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April 26, 2010


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joann tx

takes 1 or 4 works for me! but then we don't have Culvers here in houston. :(

i can see theater in sophie's future! :)


That's too funny!


she is so funny !

Laurie in Iowa

A Star is born! ROFLOL... what are they showing on the Disney Channel these days?


I think you could win the Funniest Home Videos with these - Sophie is hilarious!


now I want fries ... now culvers around here but I do love a good crinkle fry and it looks like that - yummmmm ... bookclub night and no fries to be had at the place we're going ... I'll have to settle for a potato galette there instead... cute videos!



Love it! That girl's a natural. Watch out! lol!

Linda Huson

Three or Four works for me! Either way, they all had me in hysterics!

Linda in VA


Omg..if I'd been drinking something I would have spit it all over the keyboard!!! ROFLOL! Too cute, Sophie!!!! She doesn't watch anything over here! LOL!

Faye Riggsbee

OMGoodness~~ After the Monday I had with a room full of first graders, I NEEDED THAT!!!! Sign 'er up~~~

terri -terriboog

She is too darn cute! You need to get her into a local playhouse production, I think!

Deb Ridge

thanks for the giggle! She is great!


Too sweet! Love it, and Culvers is yummy ;-). Gorgeous pics of Bre too!


And a star is born!! Sophie is DARLING! Hugs


Sophie definitely put a smile on my face this morning! Now I just may have to go get some fries! Sorry to say we do not have any Culver's, but I am sure I can find some good fries at another place!

Charlene ♥ SC

Your homegirl is precious!

I've used bits and pieces of several of your Hare freebies to make a hanging for my bathroom. I'd send a photo to you if I could ... I just love your work, and thanks for sharing!

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