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April 12, 2010


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sophie let me tell you that just the fact to try is a good proof of courage!!! my husband and I don't know skiing, and our great pleasure is to sledding ;).
no pics of you paulette? hum...quel dommage!
gros bisous a vous!

terri -terriboog

I'm with Sophie! I am not going down that hill - did it once (pretty much on my arse the whole way) and will not do it again! I am glad she had a good time at the fort - she is darling and quite the ham (a lot like Mike, I'd say) isn't she? Looks like you all had a great time! Gotta love the cocoa.


Tell Sophie not to feel bad. My son still doesn't believe in skiing. He tried it a couple of times and just didn't enjoy it. That fort looks like great fun! What a good dad! And a good mom too! Hot cocoa is an important part of any trip to the mountains!


Sophie was a girl of good sense! It looks like all of you had a fun time. I wish I could understand how anyone can enjoy snow! I did the dance of joy when the weather started to turn warm and winter was far behind! Can you ski down a hill of daisies?

joann tx

your expression when you all first see the mountains is pretty similar to ours when we used to go to the beaches of FL every summer. we couldn't wait to see the ocean!!!!

that snow fort looks like sooooooo much fun!!!! and a snow Angel!!! my favorite! i bet that was the most fun part of the whole trip!!!!

maybe sophie managed to ski down one of the hills later in the week?


Loved your photos! Sophie I have been skiing twice and I have to say I was frighted when I got to the top of the mountain and looked down (and I was in my early 20's at the time). But I soon gave it a shot and made it slowly down the mountain, and I actually had fun. To let you know the wind was blowing and it was only 5 degrees the first time I I gave it a try.


Laurie in Iowa

Sophie... the Snow Fort was way more fun than skiing down any hill, any day! YGG


I am with Sophie, LOL. I don't stray far from the bunny slopes ;-). Looks like a great vacation and I am sure much needed.


Love the snow fort! Hot cocoa is the way to go - let all the nuts go out in the cold to fly down the hills!

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