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April 10, 2010


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Amy Varnell-Miller

Paulette your new chart is adorable. I am in love with the Hare family and simply must add this one to my must stitch Christmas list. Glad you guys had a nice vacation. Welcome home!

Amy Varnell-Miller

Judith Poulos

This is too cute Paulette....LOVE IT!

Deb Ridge

Love it!

Carolyn NC

It's adorable!


Waayyyy to cute! Thanks for another great design!


OMG! I was sitting there reading the stuff before the picture and thinking "I have to be good. I bet I can pass on this one." No such luck. OMG!!! It's so cute!!!!!! I love it!!! I have to get this one, no doubt about it! Forget good. lol!


That is adorable! Great job!

Cathy Lloyd

So stinkin' cute Paulette! Glad you had such a great guys deserved it! Thanks for all your beautiful designs....I'm in the thick of Paradise Lost at the moment! Hugs!

Charlene ♥ SC

So precious - I just love the Hare family! Oh, and yours, too! Glad you had a good vacation!


great colors and design
fun finish!


welcome home! glad you all had a fun time!

i can't wait for the online needlework show to begin! this and some of the kelmscott hornbooks are on my list! :)

thanks for the garden of eerie heads up! i'll go check my chart! :)

glad you area all back safe and sound!


This is sooooo adorable, my favorite Hare design!!! Well I stitched Garden of Eerie, as did Kay and a ton of others, and never noticed a thing that could be called an error..but I'll take your word for it. :) LLLY! SO GLAD you are home!


LOVE it! Love IT! LoVe It! Did I say I love this adorable Hare design??? The reindeer is to die for Paulette. This is a definite must stitch for me....can't wait to get my hands on it. And, thanks for listing the supplies needed that way I can start purchasing what I need. Congrats on yet another "perfect" design. Smiles....


Ooohh, I love it!!! It's my favourite Hare design!
I absolutely MUST have it and MUST stitch it! Thank you for releasing it in plenty of time to stitch it! :)


My favorite Hare family design to date, Paulette. Can't wait to order one up from the show. Best of luck with it!


Too adorable, will definitely be ordering this one!

Donna Bennett

I LOVE IT!!!! I will definately be getting this one! It's perfect!
ps:Hope your hubby is getting along better since his momma joined the angels.


This is the cutest Hare family yet!!!!!! Just gotta have this one. Can't wait for the show to begin. :)

Hope all had a great vacation!



I LOVE IT! This is so cute and creative Paulette!


I think this is the best Hare family one yet ! It is definetly going on my list.


Love it
I certainly will look to get this chart when released

Paula C.

This is sooooo cute! I think it will be a must have. I am putting it on my wish list =)


This is a terrific fun piece and absolutely love the finishing with the pom-poms!

Laurie in Iowa

So happy to hear that you enjoyed your Colorado vacation. Hare's Christmas is adorable... and I like the tea stained pom-pom trim.


Darling!! Love the use of the pom-pom fringe. Perfecto! I am going to be adding this to my wish list.

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