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March 26, 2010


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What a beautiful Frieda story! And it's so lovely to meet Julia. :)


You made me cry and laugh. What a lovely story of Frieda's kindheartedness. I am currently reading a story set in England during WWII, "The Chocolate Girls" and centers around three young ladies who live thru the air raids, losing family, gaining friends, and growing old. They began their life working at the Cadbury Factory, hence the title. Those are times that none of can truly comprehend but the stories give us/me a better appreciation of the little world I live in.

Julia looks as if she is fitting right in - did she ooh and aah over your newly decorated bathroom?


Fun! Is Sabrina involved with GAPP? I'm asking only because I work at a high school in Texas, and we had our GAPP students and teachers arrive this week too! What a small world!

Peggy Lee

Love that passage from Ecclesiastes! I have a chart somewhere with that on it I ripped from a magazine to stitch. I need to dig through my stash and look for it!
Just imagine the new pain free body Frieda now has in heaven!!
Thank you for sharing a bit of her with us. She is an inspiration to us all.


Thanks for that lovely story about Frieda! Has Julia brought any peculiar European traditons/habits with her :)?


What a lovely post. Thank you for that story about Frieda -- what a wonderful lady. And Julia -- what a lovely girl she seems!


Julia looks like she is already part of your loving family - she is going to fit right in :)


This post brought tears to my eyes. Mike (and all of you have such wonderful memories of Frieda to keep in your hearts always. And how wonderful to have a bright new addition to your family who will bring you even more good memories. Hugs to you all.


What a beautiful tribute to Frieda, Mike, and your whole family! Loving memories will last forever.


What a wonderful story about Frieda. My own Mother came from Russia in 1924 and although she was very young when she came here she had similar experiences. I think they would have gotten along very well.My Mother spoke some German. When we visited my Grandparents they would always speak in German, so my brother and I would not know they were talking about us. (they didn't know we could pick out our names) I also think that Julia came at this exact time for a reason. I hope that she goes home with fond memories of her time with your family. I have thought about you and your family a lot this past week. It was a year ago we lost my Dad. Time does take some of the sadness we once felt and like you we have memories. By the way, I live in Wichita. What part of Kansas did you travel to? Please take care. Thank you for sharing your thoughts of the past week.


Faye Riggsbee

What a beautiful story about Friedss compassion for others. I know she is smiling down on all of you...peacefully....


Thought of all of you this week. Thank you for sharing part of Frieda with all your Blog readers....I felt like I knew her!
Julia is a beautiful girl and looks like she is enjoying yourself!
Take care

Laurie in Iowa

Frieda had a beautiful heart to go with her beautiful smile.
Julia... Welcome to Nebraska. I hope you enjoy your stay. You couldn't have picked a nicer family to spend your time with her in the USA.


{{{hugs}}} Love ya chicky!!! :o)


i'm glad to see that julia brings you some fresh air , je pense a Frieda! gros bisous a vous!


How fun to have a new teenager in the house! lol. Seriously though, she looks like a wonderful girl and she sounds like it too.

Thank you for sharing Mike's story about his mom. It brought tears to my eyes. My wish is that you all remember the good times with her. Remember her and smile.

Steve Martinez

Very nice story Paulette. I'm very impressed with your blog. I had no idea you were so talented! I've saved it to my favorites.

Steve M.


You ended with my most favorite passage of all - it speaks of life doesn't it?
May Frieda's soul and all the souls of the faithfully departed by the Mercy of God rest in peace.

Julia is lovely and seems to fit right in to your lovely family.

Theresa Venette

What a lovely post, and I'm so glad you have Julia's smiling face to help you all through what must be a very difficult time. If you can ever get the girls to stop giggling, you better show that young lady how to STITCH! :)

joann in tx

my grandmother's family came from partenstein. in fact we still have relatives there. your tribute to frieda is lovely and she will be missed.

julia's arrival seems to be fate! i know the girls will have a grant time together and be lasting friends!

i have stitched moira blackburn's time and season and its more or less the center focal point of my samplers hanging in the living room! :) LLLLLLY!!!

Sandra Yoders

Hi Paulette, I am Marianne's daughter in law, Sandra. Marianne and I do not have the best relationship most of the time but Frieda was always the first one to point out to Marianne that everyone has their own way. Last summer we sat in my kitchen visiting when Marianne complained about my wall color, Frieda said 'Do you pay the bills? No well be quiet then!' She then proceeded to pull out dozens of photos of you and your family and to proclaim how she had the best son, daughter in law and grand-daughters in the whole world! She was very proud of all of you.

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