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March 15, 2010


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Terri (TerriBoog)

Yum! The pico and the pizza look great. No way your sweet mother served hot dogs - you must have Thanksgiving confused with the 4th of July!?


Wow! That looks really, really yummy! Now I want that for my breakfast! Hotdogs for Thanksgiving??? Are you sure???

Uh-oh...sounds like a challenge for prove that game night still rules supreme!


It all looks yummmmmy!!! Can't go wrong with a menu like that!


Wow, your dinner combo sounds very yummy and I agree, those blue Archer chips are the best and so are the Archer dips!

Sophie has the cutest dimples!


MMMMMMMmmmmmm! Yum! Thanks for the recipe -- the son is very into Hawaiian boboli pizza at the moment, so a good recipe for something other for the grownups is perfect! I keep meaning to get myself the Pioneer Woman's cookbook but haven't yet. Me thinks I need to fix that. :D Glad Sophie liked the dip and chips -- not sure mine would have tried. It's green after all. lol!


Yum! Margarita pizza is a breakfast food right? It's 9:35am here, that's practically lunch....

Laurie in Iowa

Yummy... it all looks delish!


Everything looks deeelicious!

joann tx

hum... you should have saved the guacamole for tomorrow - st. paddy's day! LOL!!

i generally use the smaller boboli's for my pizza since i'm only one. tho i've never noticed a thin crusted one? i like the sound of all the fresh ingrediants and will have to get some next grocery run!

will have to print that out! thanks!

Charlene ♥ SC

So glad you're not spiffy, but you may use the word anyway! Drop by my blog to see that you've been nominated for a Beautiful Blog award!

Julie Hayes

I have to say that an authentic pizza is a whole lot tastier than those we get here in the States. I experienced my first authentic (that being a pizza without sauce) in Las Vegas and was hooked. Now, I order pizzas with "easy sauce"; just enough to get the taste but not so much where it is overwhelming. I am going to give your recipe a try! Thanks for sharing!!

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