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March 04, 2010


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What fun! Good for Sophie for going for it and singing! Glad Frieda got her pizza too. :D Thinking good thoughts for Frieda and Mike! And you and Sophie too!


Great family pics Paulette! Looks like you all had a good time... Hugs


It sounds like Frieda has a wonderful birthday - what a great picture of her and Mike together.

Happy Birthday dear Frieda.


Great photos...bravo for Sophie!!
Glad that Frieda got her pizza!!
Sending prayers for Frieda from Nova Scotia!
Take care


What a fun night! Glad to see Freida and love the pic of her Mike and Sophie!

joann tx

how sweet of the chinese woman who cooks at the home to celebrate and share her birthday with everyone! looks like they all had fun!

frieda is looking well in the pictures. i hope she's feeling as good as she looked!

sophie looks like she had fun too! especially when the ice cream came out! :)

Laurie in Iowa

Happy Birthday Frieda... and yeah Sophie for being courageous and getting up in front of the crowd to sink Karaoke.
What fun!


nice pics as usual! thanks for telling us such beautifuls stories.....;) ah! frieda doesn't try some karaoké? c'est dommage! bisous


It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I love checking out your blog and seeing all the wonderful things your family is up to. I have a DD age 14 and a DS age 11 and some of the antics they get into reminds me a lot of your family. Thanks for sharing.



Paulette, I just love the way you tell stories to accompany your pictures. Such fun!

Congrats to Sophie for giving her first concert!! That must have been so good for her to have people applauding and asking for more. Such cute dimples.

I hope Frieda's rehab goes smoothly and she's comfy and happy.

(love the pic of Sophie behind Mike and his Mom. In that view she appears to be taking after her dad's love of sneaking into photos. LOL)


great pictures!!! can't wait to see everyone sunday, love you!!

Terri (TerriBoog)

What a great day! Sophie is just a doll (Mike too, don't want him to be upset that he didn't get mentioned) and I"m sure that Frieda was so happy to have you all visiting!

Charlene ♥ SC

Happy Birthday, Freida - it looks like a grand party!


I am so glad you gave an update with photos regarding Freida, I was concerned because you hadn't mentioned her for a while and I have been praying for her, tell Mike I said 4 plates was a bit much, got to watch out for that middle age spread your know, grin. BarbM


Paulette, just the other day I was thinking about Frieda... and there she was, in your story.

I love to read your stories, and the pictures are always so great, too! You have such a great family!!!


Great post! Sophie is a doll, and I'm so glad to see Frieda appears to be on the mend! I hope she gets to come home soon...


That's a beautiful and happy picture of Mike and Frieda!


Happy Birthday Frieda. Sophie I hope you had a great time singing :)


Go Sophie go!! And I always love hearing about Frieda. :)

I have nominated you for a blog award, please stop by my blog to accept it!

Susan Sullivan

It's nice to see Frieda's smiling face again. A speedy recovery to her.

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