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February 12, 2010


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Fun !
And pretty.
Another one I'll want.
Please stop.
Because tomorrow is l'Aiguille en FĂȘte needlework fair in Paris, and I am already thouroughly tempted.
Three charts will fit into my budget, but no more.
I'll join Sophie : "You are a great designer".


Oh cool! I love it! Love owls, so this is up my alley! Love the little owls! Great rhyme too! So now we know what you do in the shower..... lol!


You are a great designer Paulette!!
I love this one too!!

I'm stitching "Still Waters"..and loving it more and more as I stitch it..

Take care...hope everything is going well with your family.


Truly Unique - I love it!!
More More More!!!

Danielle Hahn

Very cool and original! I love all of the different owls at the bottom.


Paulette! I love this!


Beautiful new designs! Waiting for their release for sale!
And what you meant, speaking about Ukraine? I just live in this country ...


I love it Paulette! The saying is so cute!! Love the colors too. That linen is pretty... may have to invest in some of that! :)


What a fun one! Love it!

Laurie in Iowa

What a fun and cute design. You are creativity plus!


I love this design!
How about
There once was a chick from Ukraine
Who lost her false teeth down the drain
The Borscht was all right
She could suck that all night
But she never ate apples again ???


all your designs are beautiful
i esp love the gloriana design
just a treat to look at
thanks for sharing your talent


What a fun piece - I love the owls and the saying is great!

(my sad little attempt at poetry...)

There once was a chick from Ukraine
from chocolate she did refrain
She was pretty and slim
liked her coffee filled to the brim
And her stitching was never plain.


I love it!

But my husband says I can't play with you any more because you're too expensive a friend. LOL! No seriously, your Market releases totally rock!


i love this!!! LLLLY!!!!


I love, love it..
So much I already pre-ordered it. And seeing better detail I am so glad I did :)
What a fun design it is


Very nice! Love the owls at the bottom too!


Sweet! I love owls. :)


What a cute rhyme, and a cute design! It made me chuckle.


That is so cute. Love the rhyme and the owls. :o)


Laugh out loud funny! I love it!!


Ha!!!!! Cute rhyme! :)


You are such a riot! I love your new rhyme and would love to get my hands on some of the finishing fabric and the design!

Robin Hager

Here's my lame attempt at poetry:

There once was a chick from the Ukraine
Who loved standing out in the rain
She still is all wet
She hasn't dried out much yet
And she'll never be unwrinkled again!


So original, your designs are devine... oh rhyme, and adictive.

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