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February 11, 2010


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Love Elizabeth (my daughter told me I HAD to get that one, stitch it and hang it in HER room (silly girl!) haha...actually she really likes it because her second name is Elizabeth...I also love this one!! Can't wait to see the third new release!!
Take care


Another great design - I love the simplicity of it.


I love both designs: Elizabeth and the crowns! I love your daughters' reactions to them ;)

Thanks for sharing photos of your new designs!


oooh I like this one too! Can't wait until market!

Malinda Brickley

LOVE this design! Will this one be available in Nashville? Your blog has become one of my favorites to visit every morning! Thanks for sharing your adventures and designing!


I love it,,,and so glad you designed it,,,cant wait till it is available...


This one, indeed, is my FAVORITE! I can just see this hanging and can barely wait to start it. You are SO deserving of another crown for this one. :) LLLLLY!


I love this! Simple, but very effective. My favourite Nashville preview yet!

Laurie in Iowa

First... I love your new header! Emma adores your new crown sampler and she knows you designed it just for her... she's a little perplexed as to why you put Gloriana on the sampler and not Emma Lou. :-)
I see a sampler for Emma in my future.


I really really love this one! I mean yes, it's plain, but yes, it's wonderful!!! And I can choose whatever red I like too! :D I can just see the two pieces together...... Love it!!!


Oh yes, indeed! Love it! And in red...well now, what's not to love?


Another lovely design. It's not plain but beautiful and teenagers are


I love all these crowns! Beautiful sampler!

Cathy Lloyd

And yet again...please excuse me while a go place a preorder! LOVE IT!


And this is awesome, too! I love it! You do realize you're doing serious (pending) harm to my bank acct., don't you? :)

Valerie Clay

Both pieces, "The Queen's Crowns" and "The Queen's Sampler" are perfect! I love them! I am a history buff (it was my major in college!) and my favorite historical figure is Elizabeth I. What a wonderful heroine! I am so excited that you designed these beautiful samplers and cannot wait to add them to my WIP's! Thank you!



I love the crowns! Simple yet elegant and sophisticated!


after all, it turned out quite monochromatic and nonetheless very nice! i ended up like it (lots)! :) LLLLLLLLLLLY!!!!


I'm not sure what I think about the staggered alignment, but otherwise it's like you read my mind! I've been squirreling away quaker crown motifs in a little corner of my dragon-hoard to arrange in some way or another together! Beautiful! I knew about the other 2 nicknames, but I'd never heard "Gloriana" interesting. My middle name's Elizabetha (well, one of them), too.

Can't wait for *Hallowe'en* tomorrow--by far and away my favorite stitching theme!


I love this piece! A perfect of example of "less is more"!


Oh wow Paulette!!! It's beautiful! Definitely a must have and must stitch! Then end of February can't come soon enough!! :)

P.S. You'll have to show all these comments to Breanna and Sabrina!! :)


I love all of your designs! Sometimes our families keep us...humble?


I love this one too!!!! I love that it is monochromatic. :)


Both designs are wonderful !
I hope it will not take a long time to get them in Germany.
Dankeschön. Deine Anja


Love both designs! The crowns are wonderful and I want one as my quilty friends call me "the queen" as they think I have all of the answers! Imagine.

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