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February 27, 2010


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Awww, poor Sophie, I hope she's feeling better! That is an adorable picture of her! Love the pup pic, too--too cute.

Laurie in Iowa

Feel better soon Sophie. You look mighty cute for a gal who's not feeling so good!
It's so hard to resist those pleading pup eyes.


Sophie's socks are perfect with her PJs! Love them! Hope she's feeling better. Stomach bug is NOT fun! Ugh! The bread looks so yummy!

After I got home from my LNS, the owner sent me an email saying your charts had come in promptly after we left. Argh! She's mailing them to me though, so that's good! I don't know when I'm going back so this way I'll get them a lot sooner! Hope the chart preps weren't too tedious!

Lynn D

I hope Sophie is feeling better. She is my absolute favorite girl on the net.


I do hope that Sophie is feeling better today!
I wish I looked as cute as her when I didn't feel good!
Those socks crack me up! I can't stand things between my toes, so I don't know how I would do with a pair of socks like those!


When you said you pack the charts I feel better. Since days I wait in front of German online shops because I MUST HAVE "Gloriana" and "Elisabeth Regina" .
It´s so hard to be a stitcher in Germany. When I see a design it takes weeks, first Hoffman then Online Shops. Then I order and have to wait another three weeks. One day I get an E-mail "Paket will arrive". Then I have to wait one, two or three days and look out of the window to see the postman, if I am not at home it will take another day.
Then I have my little paket in my hand, cross stitch charts, for me it is like gold.

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von


Cute socks! Yummy looking bread! Would love to hear about JCS and Noah's Ark. Have you seen your mom's blog today? :)

Lei B.

Hi. I hope Sophie is feeling better. I love the picture of her socks. I might have to get me some next year because I am always cold. They looked oh so comfy.

It looks like my bread machine is going to be pulled from the cabinet and used. A nice warm, piece of bread spread with butter sure would hit the spot right now. Take care!



friday i am so glad to see you getting in place for a special treat. life just hasn't been the same for you since the the little monsters showed up and disrupted your peaceful home. don't let the little ones push you around.....let them know you rule!

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