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February 15, 2010


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Amazing pictures, Paulette! Just beautiful. Big hugs to all of you on your FIL's birthday. I know how bittersweet this day is for you.


I love the pictures of the geese! That guy sticking his head over the snow...priceless!


Great pictures of the geese! I always enjoy seeing them around us too. Don't enjoy the goose poop down at our lake though. lol! Hugs to you all today of all days.


Canada geese are considered pests around these parts. A group of them (subspecies?) have stopped migrating and they are "changing the eco-system" of our rivers and lakes. Did you notice how GIANT their poops are? Our geese are confrontational; I guess you're lucky your guy flew off.

Peggy Lee

Beautiful pictures Paulette! I can really see Mike in his Dad. May I ask, what took him at such a young age?


I love watching the geese as they fly and honk over our house each Fall and Spring. I can never get a good picture of them in flight though. You got great photos. We know a guy who got attacked by one of these beauties for getting too close. They are fierce fighters.


I love watching geese fly especially in those V formations. Don't they make the most wonderful sound?


We have a lot of geese in our neighborhood pond! I am actully glad that I live away from the pond as they do get very loud!! I do love to watch them though and we get to see the babies as we have some that stay all year.

joann tx

i love your geese pics! i usually hear them and then see them flying over head in their V formation here in houston!

wow! mike's dad was young! my sister is only a year younger than he would have been!!


i "tweeted" back at your twitter post :) happy birthday grandpa, we love and miss you!!! great pics mom, even though you already showed them to me... i am amazed! my shallow depth of field pics aren't doing so great bc there is nothing to take pictures of!!! i have been taking ugly pics of ugly things in my ugly dorm. GRRR.


I love the geese pictures!!! Congrats to your dad!!
I posted a picture of your freebie from Christmas...all done and ready to be framed if you want to see it you can visit my blog. Dianntha


Fantastic pictures !

Linda Huson

We have several places around me where they actually have "geese crossing" signs. I kid you not. They cross over one place at the one mall to get to the lake. Every time I see the sign I smile. Every time I stop and then watch other cars stop, when a bunch (whatever they are called - a gaggle?) of geese are slowly strolling across the delights me.

Linda in VA


Beautiful photos of the geese and the ducks! I actually like the Aflac commercials! lol Hugs to you on this bittersweet day.


Jimmy - Rest well in the hands of God. Thank you for your service to our Nation and our military families. Your actions made a difference for all of us.


Great Geese pics!! Love the winter wildlife. Thanks for sharing. And, hugs to you and your family on Jimmy's day....

Patti Gagliardi

Lovely photos! I do love Canadian Geese and remember how exciting it was to catch a glimpse as a child. But they have taken over our soccer fields and baseball fields in the past decade. And you have to tread gently at nesting time lest you be accousted.

Luckily the high school put in astro turf this year. The games were getting a little gross ~ that's not mud on their uniforms...

I rather think of your beautiful photos instead ;)

Blessings, Patti


Great pics, Paulette!! They are really pretty birds, aren't they? I guess it took this post and these pics to make me re-appreciate them... you see... they're pretty ubiquitous her in the DC area, and well... I used to go running along the Potomac River and they were EVERYWHERE... and if the path was wet (which it usually was), I would come home from my run with these fantastic and oh so attractive green stripes alll the way up the backs of my legs. Yeh, and the little blighters would just about try to bite my ridiculously expensive running shoes off if they happened to be standing in or along the sides of the path when I ran by... but... they are beautiful!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mike (and the rest of your family as well)!!


At least your Canadian geese get to play in the snow. LOL We have a flock of geese that come down during the winter and stay around the city's park/pond. They are gorgeous birds ;)

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