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February 05, 2010


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Happy birthday to Mike! These kids -- er, men! lol! Can't live with them, can't live without them! I'm looking forward to your sea hag sampler! :D


Happy birthday to Mike! I love your "you're the best kid a wife could have" line. That had me laughing!! Wonderful photos and I love the new header!


Sea Hag sampler sounds fun to me.

Happy B-day Mike


Ha! I so enjoy your posts. Your girls are so, so beautiful! I love the Witch and Sea Hag cards. Can't wait to see the sampler. And man that cake looked good.


Oh my gosh! You guys sure do know how to have fun! The pictures were great! And as always, your commentary just tops it off!

How cool - A Sea Hag Sampler!! Love the idea!

joann tx

Happy Belated Birthday to Mike!!!! (mine's next week!) you all had such a fun time on both celebrations! and all those toys....ah, er, games you go sure do look fun!

sea hag, eh? should be interesting! :)

love your family!


Belated birthday greetings, Mike!


LoL! LOVE the pics..that Sophie loves her buddy more than I love cake! I'm sure you are just being polite--no doubt Mike said, "Hey Paulette..since you did a sampler in honor of your grandmother, why don't you do one for your mom and call it 'Sea Hag?'" Yes..that's my sil. lol! NOT!
I've seen your can do as well as any photographer with Sabrina's senior pics..and it might come close to paying for that camera..or at least the lens. lol. LLLLLLLLLY


Great pictures!!! I love the steakhouse show - such a cool thing, all of it. Looks like a memorable time was had by all. That cake looks wonderful ... yummmmm.

I was relieved to read someone else forgot the birthday song ... at DH's birthday in December I put the cake on the table and began to cut it ... Marty said, what - no one is going to sing to me? Yeppers - mom's losing it. We sang after I took the knife out of the cake.


Terri (TerriBoog)

Happy Birthday to Mike! Looks like a great time! I LOVE the Sea Hag sampler idea. Inspiration can come from the strangest things.....


Happy Birthday Mike - Thank you so much for sharing your family outings with us all. I love your photos and your comments. (looking forward to seeing the seahag sampler too!)

S Curiel

How funny that the Legos say Ages "7-14", that's sounds about right. No, really, it's so nice to see a family have fun with each other and celebrate their special day. You all are truly blessed to have that.


Happy birthday to Mike. Wonderful pictures!


Many Happy Returns to Mike! And please thank him on my behalf for inspiring the sea hag sampler, I'm sure it will be wonderful.


Happy belated birthday to Mike. Lovely pictures. The sea hag made me laugh. Men can be SO

Laurie in Iowa

Happy Belated Birthday Mike!


Happy b'day Mike. It looks like the big kid had quite a celebration.

A Sea Hag sampler sounds really cool.


Happy, happy birthday to Mike. It looks like he had a wonderful day. I hope his mom is doing well - still praying for her.

Love the Sea Hag Sampler idea - can't wait to see what you do with this one.

Enjoy your weekend, Paulette.


Happy b'day to Mike! It looks like he had a good one!

That is a gorgeous B/W shot of Sabrina - no wonder she wants you to take her senior photos!

And, a sea hag sampler? Oh, I am so there! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


It looks like Mikes birthday was a lot of fun. I love your blog and very much a fan of your designs. My husband has the same occupation as Mike LOL. I look forward to following your blog.
God bless Margaret in New Zealand


A very belated Happy Birthday to Mike! Looks like you guys really know how to party! Oh and thanks Mike, we need a Sea Hag Sampler! So. . .we expect to see that fairly soon? HA!


Glad Mike had a happy b'day....looks like fun was had by all (except maybe the bored games part).


happy birthday to mike! the food looks very good, and it's a french who say it lol! bisous!


I am loving the idea of a Sea Hag sampler, hope she has a mermaid's tail ;-).

Happy belated birthday to Mike!


Happy birthday to Mike and I love, love, love the idea of a Sea Hag sampler. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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