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January 03, 2010


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I loved this post..what a sweet family I have. Mike has always, always looked good in his uniform..remember when you were dating, how he put handcuffs on me and took me out to his car IN FRONT OF ALL MY NEIGHBORS?? Today I would just laugh like a crazy person and not care (NO! I did NOT do that Mike!! And don't get any bright ideas). LLLY


Wow! What a bunch of snow you have! We just have the cold and wind right now! Your mom's comment made me laugh!

Stay warm!


I will admit I'm almost already sick of the snow! I was out running errands yesterday and there's just SO MUCH ...piled up....and dirty...EVERYWHERE! UGH! Out your backdoor it still looks lovely and white! Just keep looking in that direction! ;o)


Your snow is really beautiful, but I'm glad it's YOURS! Thank goodness for living in the sunny South! It's really cold here in North Carolina, but it is pretty and sunny. We are very inept when it comes to getting around in the "white stuff". Be careful, and stay WARM!

Laurie in Iowa

I wouldn't mind the snow either if I had a handsome dude, in uniform, to do the shoveling!


Wow, everyone is right -- Mike looks pretty great in a uniform. :D You sure are having a lot of snow! Just keep it out there, ok? lol!

joann in tx

and Mike was shoveling snow in his uniform because....

1. he had to go to work
2. he was impressing all the ladies
in the neighborhood
3. it was the only thing clean

so glad sophie got out and helped!
groan... thats way too much snow for this transplanted yankee! thats why i transplanted to the south! burrr.....

what great pictures of your family!!!

joann in tx


Great photos! We are getting snow here too in Nova Scotia, Canada!
Lovely family...close in age to mine, but my middle one is a boy..LOL..and today is my oldest's 19th B'day!
Take care

Ellen Chester

Yikes!!! How much snow do you all have?


That is a LOT of snow!! Send some my way! I always enjoy reading the cute and funny anecdotes that you have to tell about you and your family. Stay warm!


You'd make a great photojournalist, you know it? The girls are beautiful and your hubby is a ham! ~giggle~ Hope you all thaw out soon! Happy New Year!


O my heck! I forgot to say, your header is AWESOME! Love it!!!

Peggy Lee your hubby's a gorgeous hunk of man meat....there, I said it. :)
I just want you to know that your blog is one of the first ones I go to each day and I laugh, I know. I don't know that I have ever commented though...maybe it has something to do with your gorgeous hunk of...oops, there I go again.
All kidding aside, you have a LOVELY family and a heart warming sense of humor! Hope your new year is a happy one.

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