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January 07, 2010


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joann tx

LOL!!! the ending looked my me and my sisters! LOL!! and like sophie i was the one stuck in the middle too!

what a laugh-out-loud! i loved the video! i noticed dad was concentrating on his driving...good tune out mike!?! ;)

glad to hear Brea and Cody are still great friends!

thanks for sharing your family and that lovely song! i can thankfully say i had never heard it before!? LLLLLY!!!!


Great song! Not one I'm familiar with. lol! How could they not know who Mick Jagger is! :D

I hope you survive the school-less, snow bound days. Sure is a lot of snow going around!! It was nice to see Cody still comes to visit too.

Snow days -- bleagh! lol!


OMG! LOL!! I feel for you! We had our storm days last year...seemed like the kids were always home!!
Loved, loved, loved the video, and so glad it was you and not me having to listen to that! haha

My oldest and her boyfriend broke up a couple of months ago....he's still around, thankfully, he's like part of our family.
Take care......enjoy your Jack Daniels! LOL


Sophie gets my vote! She's a natural born performer!


OMG I am so sorry! I barely made it through 2 weeks vacation with my darlings fighting like cats and dogs. One good thing (the only good thing actually) about living in CA is that we don't have to worry about snow days.


ROFLMMJBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sophie should get paid for performing... And Mike should have had the opportunity to perform his famous "Blue Christmas." LOL! Great video.


The video is just hilarious - I confess (gratefully) that I have not heard that song before. Mick Jagger, really? Never would have thought him to be the handsome type.

Any luck on luring the dogs outside (pupcicles)?

And here we are fretting over the 2-3" they are predicting for us in VA. Hope (for your sanity) that school resumes tomorrow.


OMG! Your family is too funny!

I love the term "pupcicles" in Cari's comment!

Stay warm and safe!


oh man, I definitely laughed out loud when Sophie added "and everybody hates you" to that hilarious. I agree with the previous commenter - born performer!!

Linda Huson

Oh Dear Lord - give her strength....

Linda in VA


That was a hoot - a HOOT!!! Great video and my gosh, what rock have I been under that I haven't heard that song. Of course I don't have girls in this house so I guess my comparison song would be PARALYZER which Ben blasts in his room all the time. LOL I was crying when I hit the part of the post with you rocking in a corner - hilarious. Hang in there ... it's gotta melt sometime. Right???


Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Oh my goodness!! It's too early to be belly laughing isn't it?! ;) Your girls are hilarious... at least they had the three of them together to hang out with and to have fun with!! That's a gorgeous picture of Cody and Brea! Good to see that they are still good friends. :)


LOL!!! I have a 13 year old girl...and I hear this song also more than I care for :-)))

No snow day here although we have lots of it coming down all day!


Okay, I have to admit it, I like that song it reminds me of 80's dance music, LOL.

Glad Cody and Brea are still good friends, and I am a romantic so I still hope at some point they may decide to give it another go :-). Especially since you love him so much!

Hope you had a happy, happy birthday too. Loved all the party pictures.


What fun times and fun memories! Your kids are great and you and Mike are wonderful parents!

Laurie in Iowa

It was great to see Cody again.
Poor Paulette... I wouldn't last through one rendition of the song.
Sophie is such a shy little girl... ROOFLOL

Robin Hager

Bless your heart.......


seriously... sooooooooo funny!!! wish i had sisters! xoxo


loved your post .. i have a 15-year-old daughter and actually she and her friend were singing this to me in the car just last night ... i too have heard it more times than i really needed to ... karen ca


I have a friend who said she was taking her kids to school today whether school was on or not! :)


That video is hilarious. Your kids are lovely.


I love that song...but seriously, I do always wonder about Mick Jagger. Seriously? Love ya, Mick, but really. The video was hilarious too. Thanks for making my Friday. I'll send you some valium in return.


Happy birthday, Paulette.
Reading your blog is among my favourite treats in life. Thanks so much for sharing the good mood (Gosh, how I admire you...), the talented writing and the wonderful pics.
You're not only my fav designer, you're also my fav blogger in the world and the universe. Lol!
May you have a very happy year,
Lili from France.


I just caught up with your blog and I have to say that your blog is my favorite out of all that I read. Yours always makes me laugh. You have such a great way with words and photos. I actually love that Tik Tok song, but not 4,317 times in one day. And, yes, we have had many snow days here as well. Makes you want to go insane! And my dogs go in the house as well, even though I have just let them outside! Well wishes to you and your family.


OMG!!! I just watched the video. I am crying from laughing. My boyfriend's 10-year-old daughter is just like Sophie when she screams and cries that her other sister is on her and blocking her from the video. The drama!!

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