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January 21, 2010


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Beautiful stitching from all the wonderful stitchers!
Prayers being sent for your MIL and for your DH!!!
I may be assuming..but is he an only child? I was and it's extremely hard watching your parents age!!

Do go to Starbucks and treat yourself as much as possible..I am on my way there now...before I get groceries! LOL

Take care..and enjoy your day!
from chilly,snowy Nova Scotia, Canada
PS...I started one of your designs last night..."My Pretties"...what a fun stitch!


Thanks for updating us on Frieda. I got a little teary on the comment that your Mom had about Mike breathing for his Mom if he could. But then I remembered he let all that snow fall on her head....LOL! but seriously, that Mike is a keeper!


Not finished finished, but still finished... here is one of your pretty designs :
I hope there is still room for you and the girls in Mike's life - it is so difficult to keep the right balance.


Please read


Great inspiration from all these wonderful stitchers!

Take care, all of you.


Oh wow, they are all gorgeous! The compilation piece is just stunning.

I just feel for Mike, he's a wonderful son. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayer.


Gorgeous finishes from everyone!

You, Mike and Frieda are in my thoughts - I'm sorry you're all having to go through this right now.


Every time I see Cranberry Tea finished on someone's blog I wonder why I have not yet purchased and stitched this pattern! Off to purchase it now. My prayers go out to all of you, especially Mike, in this difficult time. So many things in our lives are physically and mentally exhausting. I hope he is able to find some peace and relaxation, as I hope all of you are able to.

Devon Hanna

Beautiful stitching,,,and I will keep you and your family in my prayers,,,hey did you see my scissor fob on my blog when I made it thought of you,,,


Gorgeous work by such talented stitchers!

My prayers go out to you and your family and Frieda but especially for your DH. What a wonderful guy and a devoted Son.


Poor Mike. Please give him my best wishes. I hope his mom recovers and is able to go home soon.


Lovely stitching by everyone!

Many thoughts and prayers are heading your way! We have been through a very similar situation, so I know how stressful it can be!


My heart goes out to all of you. I'm sure that it is hard for you but even harder to watch your husband walk thru this. You (all of you) continue to be in our prayers.

Thanks for sharing these pics with us - we have a blogging community full of amazing stitchers.


Gorgeous finishes - every single one of them!

My thoughts are with you and your family Paulette. I hope things turn around for the best soon.

joann tx

bless his heart! please tell mike to pace himself or he won't be good for either his mom or family!

great shots of everyone's stitching.

frieda's always in my prayers as is your family! :)


Mike is a good man!

All those finished are great! How have I missed bugs and hisses?


I hope Mike can get some rest. Poor guy. Love all the beautiful stitching too. Maybe it was Rue Green. Meadow Rue is more examplar-ish.


Lovely finishes from everywhere!

Poor Mike -- Frieda is so lucky to have him for her son. My prayers and thoughts continue for you all.


What wonderful finishes. So nice of these lovely ladies to share with you. I just love your blog. We were just talking about it at guild today. We were talking about Frieda. My thoughts are with her. More important they are with Mike. Having been through similar things with both my parents I know some of what he is going through. It is exhausting.

Take care and Happy Stitching, Connie


What wonderful finishes to be able to show.

hugs to your family.


Your family, especially Freida, is in our daily prayers. We understand what you are going though all too well.

As several have mentioned above, Mike is a keeper. You and your girls are very lucky indeed!

Julia Arnold

Dear Paulette,

Thank-you for showing my sampler of your, 'Sweeter Love' . Your very special designs are a great inspiration to me.

Thinking of you and your family, and especially poor Freida.
Love Julia x

Laurie in Iowa

Beautiful finishes... TFS. I'll be keeping Mike and Frieda in my thoughts.


Freida and Mike and all of you are added to my prayer list.
Lovely finishes. You can see one of my not yet finished ornaments at I'll send you a photo when it is finished.


I wish all the best for Mike and his mum. Getting old is not an easy thing specially for the children wathever their age...
Thanks to our passion (here i'm talking about cross stich not starbucks ;) ...) we can forget for a while our problems!
You and your family have my thoughs
have a beautiful day!

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