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January 13, 2010


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OMG! LOVE the faces and please don't go to the dark side Paulette! LOL I just adore Friday's yawn and can just imagine his imagination with what he would love to do with the "intruders". Poor Friday.

Also, didn't post but lust your new scissors from Chris for your birthday. Did you post where they might be obtained from?


LOL. You realize the yorkie will win this fight don't you? You don't have the slightest bit of a chance.


This is too funny Paulette!! I love the Yoda reference. Cute dogs.

joann tx

i can see the Yoda resemblance but isn't there a
wookie that the little yorkie (sorry! i forget its name!) looks like? its been a long time since i've seen any of the star wars movie....

glad you all are dog folks! :)


Too hilarious, Paulette!!

ps.. pass the pot pie over here, will ya? yummmmm


Awwww.....poor Friday!!!


I feel for the poor boy Friday! But, oh my gosh, when I scrolled down to the comparison with Yoda, I lost it! The kiddies came running to see what I was laughing at!

Laurie in Iowa

Awww... poor baby boy Friday.... he's putting up with this female invasion of his space and people. ROFLOL ... the comparison to Yoda is spot on.


OMG! I can definitely see the resemblance! lolol! You are cracking me up here! Poor Friday. I think he needs a big hug!

Susan Sullivan

Love the Yorkie and your Friday - the other I'm just not sure of. Yes, Yoda be with you and not the dark side. Happy designing and stitching! Keep them coming as we do enjoy stitching them so much.


HAHAHAHAHA he does look like Yoda, but he is much cuter. They are all adorable and I have a feeling you are going to going to the dark side sooner then you think. How can you not? AWWWWWWW Friday is so handsome. xoxox


My sons thought Yoda was they want one lol


hihihihihihhiahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHA pic with yoda and the dog is fabulous! very very funny! be strong! you'll find the power soon! lol have a good day! bisous!


What adorable faces! They look to be very spoiled. LOL! Yes that face does look like Yoda, in which a mother could only love.


ROFLOL, how could those cuties not grow on you ;-). There is definitely a strong resemblance to Yoda, the whole so ugly it's cute syndrome.

Lots of hugs, I am keeping you, your family and especially Frieda in my prayers.

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