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January 22, 2010


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LOL. That's too funny. Thank god I'm not the only one melting when I get these puppy eyes.
From all 3 I love Friday's eyes the most. That look on his face can melt stones!!!
Besides, you can take it as a compliment. They just LOVE your baking.


You, my dear, are a RIOT!! What a fun post... HUGS


So funny!!! That's how I feel when my son asks me for something. Those rolls look scrumptious!


ROFLOL!!! -- "that means I'm the you-know-what" -- that's going to keep me laughing for a week!! Love you, Paulette!!


Did you make the whole recipe? I am intimidated by that recipe because it makes too much! If you divided it, please share. I'm pretty sure Stella would like a bite too. (Though I am one who will deny her.) (For now.)


Paulette, you are just too funny and quite the softie!

Laurie in Iowa

Dearest Paulette,
I will always be true to you...Corgis have lots and lots of kisses and love and we were born to share.But, I'll always love my God-mama the bestest.

Your loyal little man,


Laurie in Iowa

P.S. Could you send me a cinnamon bun??? Please....

Your loyal little man,



Cracking up at Owen, who will not be a "little man" if he gets hold of those cinnamon rolls..Such yummy, artery-clogging delights!! They were delish, my dun..I mean daughter. :-)


The rolls look delicious! I am sure that's why you wound up with company for your treat...


Too funny! If I send you a pic of my puppy dog eyes, will you send me one?


Hilarious!!! I PW's cookbook - it's a treat just to read it ... only made a few things from it so far. Those buns are on my list!


joann tx

oh! how can you resist those eyes, times three!
what adorable puppy pictures!

ya know my jeans are already too tight! how can you eat so much and stay so thin?????

i usually end up sharing things w/my two fur babies too! :)

Charlene in SC

They do look delicious! Tiny, Tinier, Tiniest. That looks like a bite Pixie gets, but they do go in her bowl -- unless it accidentally falls to the floor...


Ah yes, who can resist those eyes -- any of them! lol! I bet the cinnamon rolls were enjoyed by all, human, canine and other. :D

Barb Brainard

Yum!! Too funny, Paulette! The "furbucket's" eyes get me every time too. Ours expect their share of everything. Are the wee ones here to stay?


I wish I had been there. I have been craving Cinnamon Rolls for about a month now. I love the looks from the furbabies. Yum-o!!



Those rolls look so good and I sure the wonderful smell brought in the hungry hordes! How could deny those pitiful, hungry faces?


LOL. Too funny! The rolls look yummy so no wonder the furbabies wanted some! You definitely have a good heart to let them share in your cinnamon dream!

Valerie Clay

LOL!! I love reading your blog! The cinnamon rolls look yummy and I am sure the "kids" agreed!


Mmmmm those look so good! I didn't realize your husband and mine are both cowboys fans (and named Mike) Does your DH also collect every cowboys memorabilia he can get his hands on?

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