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January 23, 2010


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Ok, you handled it all wrong, the thing to say when a child asks you 'that' question (be it the tooth fairy or santa claus or the easter bunny) you look them straight in the eyes and say, "You are in serious trouble now! Don't you know if you DOUBT the tooth fairy is real that they get angry and never take your tooth or leave you money! (Changing the answer of course if it happens to be santa claus or the easter bunny!) I have successfully handled 3 generations of children now, mine, my grandchildren and my great-grandchild, of course telling them not to believe their friends, they just want to spoil it for them, grin. BarbM

Jen Regan

My younger son failed to tell us he had lost a tooth at school. One morning he came into our room and very sadly said, "The tooth fairy still hasn't come to take my tooth." I was heartbroken. What a horrible mother I am. We explained that it was probably because she couldn't find his tooth and suggested that he try again. He fell for it.


It's like Santa ... when they begin to not believe and then know the truth, a piece of childhood is gone. Makes me sad. Very sad. But they're growing up whether we life it or not :(

Ben will be 11 in a few months and I thought I had him on this whole Santa thing pretty good but he begged for the truth and I had to cave. Now he's sworn to secrecy and eager to help with Zack's gifts next Christmastime.

Sophie is so cute.



Your lucky your other two haven't let it slip. Srange how one minute you can convince them when they ask, but once they really know the truth they stop asking evenm if you want them to gop on believing for a while

Your note reminds me of one Santa once wrote to my daughter explaining that as his elves didn't make leotards it would be coming after Christmas as he'd been let down by the person who did make them. She fell for it as well. That one was typed as well.


Dearest Tooth Fairy,
I can't wait to get home from Lincoln tomorrow and knock one of my moms (COFFEE STAINED) teeth out of her mouth, and then watch you not accept that brown rotting Starbucks colored piece of crap!


Oh my! Seems like the tooth fairy has upset Breanna!! The tooth fairy had better watch out!


Ah, that was a difficult time in our lives indeed. I wasn't very good at fielding those questions either. Good luck! Sophie is a sweetie!


Hmmmm I thought Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) was the tooth fairy. ;-)


LOL!! How sweet. Lucky for Sophie, she doesn't have a rotten older brother that told her the grim facts of magical life in second grade. :P I always answered the doubting questions with "I believe in all that is full of love and magical.".

Robin Hager

Methinks there may be trouble in Tooth Fairy land..."coffee stained Starbuck's colored piece of crap"....The Easter Bunny better proceed with caution! I think we should all believe in everything that makes life a little more fun! Yes, Sophie, there IS a Tooth Fairy!

joann in tx

great post! of course there is a tooth fairy! if there wasn't why would some of us stitch the tooth fairy pillow? geesh!

so in answer to the easter bunny, yes, virginia,
there is an easter bunny!

i thought the tooth fairy took "ALL" teeth? discolored or not?


LMAO! You poor thing! I'm glad Sophie was all smiles by morning. I dread when my girls ask me those questions.


Oh man... I hadn't even thought about Leah asking about Santa & the tooth fairy/ other assorted magical beings yet. :( I think I will cry when she does!


Too funny! I think you handled it well ;-).


I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you so much for everything!



Awwwwwwwwww that is so cute and so sweet...I just love your posts...they are so cute and so darling....

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