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November 16, 2009


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Tell Mike he might reconsider that career in art! LOL That was so much fun!


Ok, that's hysterical! Minnie Mouse?!?!?! I'm sorry, there's no way that's Minnie Mouse. lol! Congrats to those who saw it and to the winner!


Minnie Mouse?! No wonder you have such a hard time playing pictionary with Mike. I would have never guessed that!


Hahaha Minnie Mouse? No way! That Mr. Mike of yours really is a funny man...


Minnie Mouse???? LOL....that is funny. I would never guessed that. How on Earth is it possible that he wins with drawings like that....that makes it even more hilarious


I was thinking a bat..NEVER would have guessed Minnie Mouse..Your Mike is a riot..LOL!!


Wow! Minnie - really???? If I am ever in your neck of the woods, please remind me to never play this game with Mike!!

joann tx

How funny!!!!!

Minnie Mouse??????? No way! the scary part is, did sabrina guess it right?

i think it made a better tooth fairy! :)

congrats to the winners!

joann in tx

Ginny in TX

OMG! I would have never ever guessed Micky/Minnie Mouse. LOL I think Mike needs to keep his day job just in case.
That was so fun and congrats to Marjorie on the new chart.
Ginny in TX

Linda Huson

I was one of the three who guessed Mickey Mouse! I was sooo hoping I'd win. I had my chart all picked out - LOLLL! Congrats to the winner! Great minds think alike!

This was fun Paulette! Thanks for doing it! And on a side note, your last name is my husband's first name - but he goes by Skip!
No one can remember why. But he is 66 years old now - so I guess it is "sticking"!

Linda in VA


Hahahahaaaaaaaaaa, men are from Mars!!!!!


LMAO ok so I was not even close! But that does no look like Minnie Mouse. Thanks for the laugh!


I got such a kick out of this post! I am not much on board games either. Could not stop laughing at Mike's Minnie Mouse. I would have looked at that like a deer in head lights.


OMG... I didn't even vote because I was certain the people that said "tooth fairy" were right. LOL... but there's no way in heck that I would have guessed Minnie Mouse.

Too funny.


LOL!! Too funny! I never would have guessed Minnie Mouse and I'm a diehard Mickey/Disney fan

Thanks for the fun

Ine M

I really hope Minnie doesnt read this blog LOL.

Marjorie have fun with the chart!


That is funny! Mike is still soooo cute! God love him.

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