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November 08, 2009


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joann in tx

hum....something that small i'd just pick up the pillow and her all in one and put her somewhere else. unless she'd lay on the arm of the chair and then the two of you could "share" your stitching chair!

i usually have had to share mine with one or two furry friends also! sometimes its just not big enough! LOL!


Oh dear! I hope you and she can work things out!


she is giving you that look of "go ahead....make my day"


LOL--I think I agree with Lori's comment about the look! I think she's staring you down, just daring you to try moving her. ;)


Sounds like there is getting ready to be an uprising in the House of Stewart. Good luck in reclaiming the throne. LOL! (Love your stitching spot by way).

Jen R.

Very cute. I just wanted to say that your blog is one of my favorite things to read. You always have something positive and witty to share and I know I will leave your site with a smile on my face. Thanks.


Oh, my doggie does this all the time. My spot and the cushion as well. She is a terrier - must run in their blood !
Thanks for the freebie and finding the time for us when you have so much on your hands.


LOL!!! How adorable! Uh wait... I mean... what a little monster. :) She is a doll baby. She is definitely giving you the "try, just try" look though. Good luck! Maybe you guys can work out a time share deal or something.


This is gonna get ugly....


Ooooh, does this mean we get a doggie-grave chart soon?

Ginny Smith

Too funny Paulette. We have long since given up on having anything clamied as "ours" anymore. After 20 plus years of being "owned" by fur babies, my husband and I have come to realize that we are only in their lives for their convenience. But we wouldn't have it any other way.
:) Ginny in TX


Okay now how can you resist that sweet face ;-). What a cutie, I think she's going to win the chair battle, LOL.


Hihihi dogs ... I have here often the same problem :)
I have found a solution ... call him, give him a dog biscuit and then hurry to the chair where I can sit.


Glad you're getting your feet under you so to speak. Sorry to hear Frieda is back in the hospital. That's a hard surgery to recover from (my grandmother had it too). Take care of yourself and eat lots of fruit pastilles!

Devon Hanna

Oh my goodness,,I love your yorkie makes me want to take mine and get his hair cut,,I think Toby needs a girlfriend...


Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog! Love your work. xx

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