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October 04, 2009


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Laughing my muffins off here - what a great post, Paulette. Glad you all had a great time :)



Love it! Axe murderers R Us. :D Glad you all had fun together! Can't wait to see what Kim got.


Love your sense of humor Paulette! You didn't buy the sunglasses? Love your pretty plate find. I, too, went to the Goodwill thrift shop yesterday, and I came home with a beautiful silverplate bowl I'm filling with black mini-pumpkins (after I spray paint them).

joann in TX

i have run across the same things in my years as a stitcher, meeting other stitchers w/family members. (none of my family lives locally)

one stitchers husband asked her how did she know i wasn't an axe murderer? what is it w/people to think we stitchers carry axes around with us? about the most dangerous instument i had was a screw driver attached to my key ring. i saw the headlines: "stitcher killed w/screw driver!"

stitchers / quilters we're like minded people! i've never met one i've not liked!

your thrift shopping/meeting the two kim(m)s sounded like such a fun time!

joann in tx.


Oh my gosh did you three have a blast or WHAT?? I am lovin' your finds Paulette (except for the dryer hose thingy...what the heck - LOL).

I am always gabbing to my 'in person' stitching friends about all my 'cyber stitching friends'. They just look at me and nod... BUT - aren't we all just the best. Reading all the stitching / knitting blogs is a daily routine for me...with my Starbuck's of course!! Have a great week! HUGS


Sounds like you had great fun.

Pleased to hear none of you turned out to be Axe Murderers, there agian maybe your all saving yoursleves for the next meet!!


I told you you would want that pumpkin back if you donated it. ROFLMPBO! I can't believe I missed the fun, but you know I would have had to have Panera with that kind of weather. Love the pics and am sorry I didn't get to meet our Kim or her Kimm. lol.


Aaaah it was so much fun meeting you Paulette! NEXT time hopefully will be a longer visit and MM can be there too! Looking forward to that I know where the exits are in your I can escape when you wig out and break out the axe! LOLOL {{{hugs}}}


Oh, your dryer hose pumpkin - that is the funniest thing I have ever seen! Can't wait to see what your mom gives you in return.

It sounds like you three had such a fun day - thanks for sharing it with all of us! I'm headed over to Kim's blog to see all the goodies she purchased. (love your plate!)


p.s. Axe Murders R Us sounds like the name of a new pattern :-)


Oh it looks like you had such fun!!!! And wow - a dryer vent pumpkin...I definitely think you should make a whole bunch of these in your spare time and give them to guests when they come to visit you. (It will distract them from the axe).

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