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September 20, 2009


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joann in TX

isn't it nice to know you've had company? i did the same....On my ever-growing fanny. but i was stitching on one of your designs! ;)
not quiet as large as your DB....Stories to Live by: Eve.

i'm having fun with this one even tho i'm slow on the 40 ct. Legacy i chose to stitch it on!

i can't wait for market for you Lost paradise and Garden of name a couple! :)

joann in tx


Cracking up! You fat little size 2, you. I'm afraid CHRH and PL are going to be my Dutch blanket. I've never been good at rotation, so you'll have to figure something out for me! Gosh, if I'm only going to stitch at night, I'll never get anything done..

Missy Ann

I wonder what the Regency equivalent of "more cushion for the pushin" is? I myself didn't move from the couch yesterday either.


Glad you enjoyed a day of stitching on DB... looking fabulous! Love your Sophie...and the fact that she is wearing Brie's shoes...she must miss her terribly or is just glad to have a moment wearing grown-up shoes!


Nah nah! My fanny's bigger than your fanny! :D I tend to be organized with my orts as well -- I keep them in a little jar and at the end of the year put them in a little box with the year on it. I have no clue where I put the little boxes with the years on them though. So I guess I'm not organized after all. lol!


LOL! You are too funny. Love your Dutch Beauty, and I pretty sure you teeny tiny, no worries of a fat $%^.


Too funny !!!! Loving stitching and I keep my thread dregs on the arm of the chair too. LOL



Oh are so funny!! Love your Dutch Beauty, and especially love your Sophie beauty!! She is a doll!! Who wouldn't want to wear those darling sister shoes?? Have a great week!!


Dutch Beauty is lovely! As are your latest designs.

It sure looks like a comfy chair that Sophie is in!


I got so spazzed over your Dutch Beauty that I didn't leave a comment. I realized that as I tossed and turned last night, fretting over how I would convince my husband that it's okay to get take away every night and the house doesn't really need to be clean, because I need to stitch DB, too. ;) I wish!! It is sooooo gorgeous.

Love the pic of Sophie in the background--she is too cute--love the shoes! It's a great 'a day in the life' picture.


Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!!! You're too little to have much "back there"...but maybe Mr Darcy likes a little junk in the trunk, lol ;)


I really commend you for your stitching on Dutch Beauty. That is just such an awesome piece!


You are cracking me up! Remember, in Mr Darcy's day voluptuous women were the real beauties- no skinny stick waifs for them!! So I am certain Mr Darcy would enjoy watching you take a turn about the room. ;)


I love days like that (of the fanny-expanding variety). The photo of Sophie with those shoes is so funny. Dutch Beauty is gorgeous!!!!

Robin Hager

I can't believe you're doing Dutch Beauty! That is SO beautiful. I'm proud of you for taking that one on! Can't wait to see the "finished" photos!


Ha! Bet my fanny is bigger than yours!! By the way, I love your big blue and cream checked chair! I have been looking for a new chair to replace my worn out one, but have had no luck yet...
Glad you had some time for stitching!

Constantina H

Amazing new designs, so which one do I buy first or shall I be greedy and order them all - yes that sounds a very good idea. Lovely work on DB. Can we have some more photos of Sophie, she has an admirer!

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