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August 29, 2009


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What adorable birdies!!! Sure beats the crow gathering we had here yesterday after the rain. What colors in that bird!! Wow - so, now you're spraying the birds with rain power, Paulette? What level do you have that sprinkler? He looks positively drenched. LOL

Happy Saturday!


The birds are so cute and so beautiful! I love to drink coffee in the morning on the back porch and watch the birds. So do our cats!


OMG, That is TOO darling!!! LOVE the pics. "Ant Larva" will croak when she sees those. LoL! Is there anything more satisfying than sitting with coffee in the early morning, watching all of the birds gathering breakfast and bathing......LLY


I love it!! The first cardinal looks so drenched in the first picture. :D You were definitely the peeping tweet in this matter. lol!


That is so cute! And what great pictures. I don't blame you for drowning your plants :-).


Oh my gosh Paulette, your pics are fab!! I love watching my birds early morning, late evening. I have a little bird bath near the feeder and they do like a good splash! Thanks for sharing!!

Kathy in OC, CA

I don't think I've ever commented on your blog (heck, I don't even remember how I found your blog! Probably a link on one of the Yahoo groups I'm on, or a link on Google Reader or something). Anyway, I SO enjoy logging onto Google Reader and finding that you have an update. Your updates are so much fun, and with lots of pictures to make it even more enjoyable! Thank you for making it so much fun!


What wonderful pictures ... especially the first one which could be entered into a competition :)
Love the colours of the little chickadees - how drab the birds in Spain look compared to yours.
You are going to have to keep that sprinkler set up for their daily baths - the coleus can be replanted elsewhere :)


What vivid colours! - I don't think I've ever seen a photo of a cardinal before - they've always been that obscure bird that appears in christmas charts. Thank you for sharing.


OMGOSH!!! What great pics!!! How cool that you were able to capture that! I LOVE cardinals...being a Buckeye-raised gal...they are my most favorite bird ever. Such great pics!!! :o))


Your narration and the pictures are so lovely. You are so generous to share your life with us. Thank you.


Oh what wonderful photos! I do love watching the birds so much! They always put a smile on my face no matter how down I am feeling!

Louise Glennon

LOVE the first picture!



How cute! I never get to see those things here. There are only huge black crows in our community yard.


Send the pics to National Geographic!! They're fabulous! :D


I think you could very easily make some money with these pics - especially the first one - it's amazing - the colors are so vivid and he looks so darn cute all fluffed out.


Precious!! It's not often you see a lady cardinal, at least around here.

bea de caracas

Super! Deux cardinaux!
So lovely!
Kisses to you, dear Paulette...


We don't have any of those amazing birds in France. Ooooooooooooooh I wish...
Thanks for sharing, sweet Paulette.


I know I've said it before, but I love cardinals, and I miss seeing them since they aren't in Ireland. So, the pics are a treat. That first picture seriously needs to be sent into the Audobon Society or some other nature society. What a cool, cool pic!


Those pictures are winners and your commentary hilarious! That cardinal looks so funny all fluffed up like that. A friend of mine has a bird bath in her backyard and and gets all sorts of birds using it, but there's a hawk that comes too and she says it's so funny watchingthat big bird that hardly fits in there taking his bath!

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