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August 14, 2009


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That is the coolest necklace! My mom had lots of fun sending me crazy things in the mail my first year of college. I am sure you will have fun too! Knowing that everyone gathers around to watch someone open a package from home...


Love the magazine and the necklace. Where did she get the necklace? I'd love to have one. Aren't people so, so creative?


OMG! I guess it's "Clever Tracy" now! LOLLLLLLL! I hope she understands our weird sense of humor. LOVE the is SO YOU! Maybe my hateful daughter will make me one? LOLLLLLLLLL! Am I the ONLY one who has no talent/imagination?? Sigh... LY


Great gifts! I love that magazine! And the necklace is so cool and so you!! Scrabble tiles eh? Hmmmmm.........


So cute! I love those necklaces. My friend bought a couple of those off etsy.. I need to find out which store. They are so cute!


This is so cute!, and I am so jealous! I wish Tracy would market these.


Oh how nice! It's perfect for you! I can't believe you all have started school already. I keep saying that but it's true!

Terri Hall


Have been lurking for awhile and love to read you posts! You have the most beautiful girls!

The necklace is too cute...and the magazine is wonderful, I just bought the issue with Marie Osmond's crafting bedroom...WOW!

I also love your designs and cannot wait to begin collecting (and hopefully, stitching) them. I have sooooo many patterns that I feel more like a collector than a stitcher some days!! LOL!

Until later...


What a fun gift! I love surprise packages in the mail and that necklace is perfect for you :-).


Awww so sweet of Tracy!! She lubs you! (^-^)


I've been lurking on your journal, I can only imagine what your "creative spot" is like, and I love the necklace.

Thank you for the charts! They arrived on my b'day... and I can't wait to finish one and start the other!



I'm very curious to know whose husband you are making 4 well rounded meals a day for? I mean you are a wonderful wife and a GREAT cook, but Ive never had 4 well rounded meals a day in my entire life! Please let me see the menu the next time you will be cooking 4 well rounded meals a day!

joann in TX

your husband is a hoot!

love the necklace! love tracy's designs! i check both your blogs
often for updates!

have figured you were busy w/family, school for the girls, college for brea and stitching! :)

off to check kim's threads!

joann in tx

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