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August 18, 2009


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Your Daughter is so pretty well as your other two daughters too...I bet they will miss their Big Sister.

What College is she going to and what is her Major?

I just love reading your Blog.

Take care & Happy Stitching


Oh my gosh you have me in tears!!!! I will be doing this same thing but in a year from now and I have no idea how I will ever handle such a situation.
If we could only keep them little FOREVER!!!!!
Thanks for a good cry.


I remember how much I loved living in the dorm!!! It was so much fun! I hope Breanna has a great time!

joann tx

wow! dorm rooms! so different yet so similar to the ones in my day...the dinosaur years!

did brea know her roommate or was this the first time they met?

ah, the happy memories of college days! hope breanna has a great time!
and studies hard of course! :)

joann in TX


What a great record of you all setting up her dorm room. Is this the last time it will be seen so neat and tidy :)


My coworker moved his daughter in yesterday as well (Scranton Uni) and the shared with him the idea of the carpet remnant. Are the dorms there air conditioned? They aren't at her school and it being a heat wave her I feel badly for her!

Love your blog, I read a lot, but comment a little I'm sorry!



Sniffle..well the same place that MY 18 years of her went! Oh my gosh. And Audrey has been bawling her eyes out wanting to move to Lincoln JUST IN CASE Breanna needs her! LoL! Please pass the Kleenex. I see she took all of the important stuff too--Vera Bradley bag noted..LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY Brea!!!!!!!!

Cathy Lloyd

A milestone for the Stewart family! You guys are awesome! She is going to have so much fun...but we hope not too much fun...RIGHT? RIGHT!


I hope Breanna will have a lot of fun there, a little work too! You got me moved to tears, altough I don't have kids so I cannot know what it feels but I can imagine how hard it was to let your big girl there... I'm always worrying (for nothing) for all my family all the time! lol I'm sure everything will be OK!
Lots of hugs from France

Carolyn NC

She's going to do great and love every minute. Her room looks wonderful. It's really hard to send them off - who said they could leave????


Oh boy, do I remember taking my girls to college and setting up their dorms. I just wanted to stay there with them and why NOT don't they have a room for Mom to stay, just in case she is needed, hmmm???

She is a beauty, has great talent and a good head, she will do wonderfully....course now you won't, cuz I know you will miss her like the dickens. At least you still have Sabrina and Sophie to squeeze they get lots of that in the days to come, when you aren't on the phone with Brea!LOL

It will get better.....(^-^)


You choked up at the exact same time I choked up when I said goodbye to MayMay the first time at college. Isn't it an amazing feeling? And now it will feel weird at home for a long while. (Eli would ask where MayMay was at first, expecting her to be out with friends. lol!)


Reading this post brought back all kinds of memories for me, Paulette, and a few sniffles, too. It's an exciting, but bittersweet time, isn't it? And I see that those dorm beds haven't changed much over the years! The room looks wonderful and this is a great chronicle of the day!

Amy Varnell-Miller

My Bonnie is almost thirteen and I know that college isn't far off. I don't know how I will say goodbye. Your Brea is lovely and I am sure that she will do well . Is Cody at the same school? If not, I am sure that she will miss him like crazy. Good luck to all of you!



Awww...what a memorable day. Looks like everything went well, except for the tears.

You can tell Brea feels the same way you and Mr. Buff, ahem sorry, Mr. Mike do. She took the things that keep her close to her loved ones. Grandma's quilt. The pillow with the pom-poms, Vera Bradley bag, and everything else that screams FAMILY. You're not alone. Brea is right there with ya.


dorm life is awesome! miss my family like crazy though!


Miss you Bre, very LONELY here without you.

Big Papa

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