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July 26, 2009


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a little corner of paradise, thanks for letting us in !


Beautiful flowers and beautiful pictures! You're right...sometimes if you just change your perspective a bit, you see new amazing things!


Nice pictures! And nice flowers too. I'm a total no green thumb person so it's nice to see other people's gardens. :D


A beautiful tour. You captured so much beauty in the garden. And Friday is adorable!


So pretty, Paulette. We have NO flowers anywhere around our house, in our yard or even in our house. It's a shame, I know, but that's why I enjoy coming to your blog. It's so random and inviting. Thanks for sharing your garden. And I have no idea what that plant/flower/viney thing is. :D


You have your mother's green thumb, Paulette!! Your garden is beautiful. We inherited a landscaped garden when we bought our house but it's with mostly non-flowering perennials. We're adding flowering plants as we go along, which is fun. Love the photos!


I had a dream last night that you and I were in a class together and I was telling you how fun your coaster pics and cams always are! It was nice finally meeting you. LOL

Tanya :)

joann in tx

i love your flower garden! thank you for sharing it with those of us who don't have one.

i'm a brown thumb and while i love flowers i just don't have the time it takes to devote to a pretty garden! (i'd rather stitch anyway!)

God's handiwork in your garden is just lovely!!!


I agree..your yard and gardens are absolutely beautiful..and how is Sophie's little bit of ground coming along? Update your blog Junebug!


Beautiful pictures! What a neat idea!


Wow, you must have a beautiful garden. Great shots of your flowers.


Your garden is lovely! I love flowers but don't have a green thumb at all! Wish I did because I'd love to have a real garden with lots of colorful flowers and plants in it!

Carolyn NC

Beautiful pictures and I love your Friday - so pretty!

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