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June 16, 2009


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Oh lucky you! I love finding surprises around our yard! We do have wild blackberry vines growing, wild strawberries (which are poisonous), wild Virginia Creeper and probably more! I love putting out berry bushes and vines for the birds!


Good call to take it to the nursery. It sure looks like a mulberry tree to me...and they are best when mixing with other berries, kind of like a fill in. Although they can be eaten alone. Great find, fun to go exploring sometimes, isn't it?


What a wonderful surprise. They'd be in a crumble for tonight's pudding if they were in my garden.

Kathy K

It's a mulberry. I have them growing in my yard and they seed themselves too well. Every year another is growing right where I don't want it. :) They original one are great and the birds love the berries.

On another note. I emailed you yesterday with a question. Did you get it?



Wow, what a fabulous find right in your own backyard. I'd be jamming and making pies and all sorts of yummy but bad for you stuff. Good to check with the nursery first though!


We had a mulberry tree when I was a kid, and that's exactly what it looks like to me!

Wonderfully tasty (if you get the ones without bugs in them), but VERY staining! And trust me, the birdies like to eat them and then leave "art" all over the area.


How exciting!! And what a beautiful tree! Fresh fruit is the best fruit!


Wow! I'm glad it wasn't an African Poison Beaver tree or whatever you said. :D I think you should go for the silkworms now. It'll be great! lol!

Julie McConnell

It's a mulberry and it makes the best jelly! I love making the jelly but hate the cleaning of the berries, they are very buggy! Hae fun!


Lucky you! As I kid, I grew up on a diet of mulberries and wild rhubarb so to me it seems you have found paradise! You can thank the birds who so generously deposited the mulberry seeds that grow in your yard!

Laura B

Hi Paulette! You do have a mulberry tree. I have a "fruitless" mulberry in my front yard which is abt 10 yrs old. It was fruitless for the first few years, but then I guess it hit "tree puberty"! Hee, hee. We eat the blackest ones right off the tree, and with the heavy rain we've had this year, we've had a lot of them. And lots of people stopping by to ask what kind of tree it is. We've picked enough in the last few days that we're going to try freezer jam. We're in Utah. Where are you? Laura


Same berries grow on a tree in front of my house. We call them 'mûres' (blackberries) as they grow on a "mûrier platane" (which could be translated as plane blackberry tree !?)
My husband and daughter just love eating them ... but blackbirds and little birds often beat them to it !
A good point : they grow all summer long ; a bad point : they leave indelible stains on the porch floor tiles !
Bill (from Southwestern France)


I have the same tree in my back yard. Did u find out what kind of tree it really is? I would love to know. The tree in my back yard is right where i want to build a deck but i want to find out if the berries are ediable or not before i actully cut it down. I am so gald i found these pictures. Thanks for thw post!! Johnnie, in Conroe, Texas

Jordans 2

To your blog at these shoes are very excited! Pleasure in your blog to see! I can be for reference? Thank you for sharing!


This is so perfect! We had a weed growing out of a compost box that we never use and we just never cut it down. Well that weed quickly became a tree and I was out there yesterday and saw all these little berries on the ground. I look up and the tree is full of them. So I hopped on google to figure out what in the world it is and I found you blog! Thank you for posting this!

frank rizzoe

yes have a mulberry tree. they are the best. here in MN, I bought a house 3 yrs ago and wondered what these poor trees were because of their odd branch shape and poor direction. great shade tree for a patio, if not bearing fruit. so anyway, they are delicious and great to eat off the tree...once they turn ripe, you need to get out and eat them every day. I just pretend I'm a bear and alls well! haha if you were to buy these, I believe it's only the male that has berries as only 1 of 4 trees bears fruit....or is it the female. not sure, but surely only 1 does, and they're all in the same location with same sun. OR, they don't produce every year. I dunno...but I do know they are great and the female cardinal yells at me every year. I just growl and stand on my hind legs! haha

Barbara Shadwick

Thanks for sharing ! I found one in my yard, I am in Mississippi !


there not black berries there mulberries !

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