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March 19, 2009


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Oh Paulette! Coaster Cam always cracks me up! lol! You're always laughing the whole time! :D

I teared up reading your post. Silly I know! But I know what it's like to reach the end of an era in a child's life -- been there, done that. Congrats to Breanna. Enjoy what's left of her last year in high school. Isn't it amazing how fast the time goes?

I loved all the pictures! Thanks for the vicarious trip to Disney and the cheer competition. And congrats again!


Me too..pass the kleenex, please! That's my little Bre up there on Lance's shoulders! Oh my gosh, I laughed my silly self into weepy eyes over that videocam. LLLLLLLLLLY!

joann tx

i'm not even related nor did i ever experience having any children and even i too teared up reading your post!

congrats to breanna and the cheer team for bringing home the trophy!!!

and thanks for the video cam! i loved seeing it...was that yeti you caught on film? it looked like a pretty tame ride until you went backwards...i'm one who does NOT do roller coasters! LOL!

joann in TX


That is the ONLY way I will get on a roller coaster via your cams!! Amazing ride - I would lose my cookies.

Awesome pics and terrific fun memory for Breanna AND you.



What a fantastic post, Paulette! Brea's final event looks like complete success. And what a great place to celebrate. I can't tell you how many times I've been to DW. My dad works for Disney so we get pretty good deals.

That Aerosmith ride is awesome. I love that fighter jet feeling. All those ggggggggggggggggggg's!!! Wow!

You keep saying that Brea should be proud of herself and that you're proud of her, and rightfully so, but I haven't heard you say you are proud of yourself yet. A daughter is a mirror image of her mother (most times) and if you ask me Brea was raised by a good mom and a lovely woman. Be proud of YOU too...remember, you raised a fine young woman - you deserve a lot of credit. So does dad!

I loved the video. I think you have a best friend for life there, Paulette. She's a neat girl!

I'm glad you arrived home safe and sound and happy and fulfilled.

Terri (TerriBoog)

Congratulations to Brea and the rest of the squad! What fun pictures and video! I'm not a huge coaster fan but I loved the rockin' roller coaster. You and Brea look like sisters - and you're both beautiful inside and out.


That is just awesome. She (and you) should be very proud. :-) Thanks for sharing your joy.


Looks like all was so much fun. Love the coaster cam! Breanna is a hoot! Looks as though the assistant lost her speech during that tour, LOL. ^_^

Laurie in Iowa

A great big CONGRATS to Brea for a job well done. How bittersweet for you both.

TFS the event with us and of course another great coaster cam.


Congratulations to Breanna and her team! What a super way to finish up a special chapter in their young lives.

Love the coaster cam, but like Tanya that's the only way you're gonna get me on a roller coaster. Breanna did a super job of narrating, she's a very poised, yet funny young lady.... I know you and Mike are very proud of her.


Well done Breanna and team!
Thanks for the great report, Paulette!


Congrats to Breanna and her teammates - awesome job!!!

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