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March 27, 2009


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That's soooo sweet of your girls! So that's your mom when she was younger? How cool is that?! Pretty lady! Not that she's not pretty now of course....


wait. wait just a minute. HOLD UP!!!! I am getting ready to go trailor on someone if I dont get some PRESEEEENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IIII am the only one who NEVER GETS ANYTHING!!! NEVER!!!!! tee ehe he ehehheh!! guffawwwwww! guffawwwwwwwww! Give me something! I WANT!! hello Paulette! WHERE is my name in here?!?!?!?!?!? LLLLLLY!


Awwww, what sweeties your girls are! I always say it's downhill once kids start talking, but every so often they do redeem themselves. ;) Okay, I sent the last entry to my brothers, now I think this one needs to be sent to my kids...


Such nice girls you have! And know they must love their momma, such sweet gifts! LOVE that coffee mug!!


How sweet!!!


Oh my gosh, scarey spice! HELLO! I'm not quite old enough to remember that do, much less HAD one. You are SO in trouble young lady! Mommy dearest

Linda Huson

I just bought this same exact coffee mug for myself! I guess I'll call it a love present to me from me - I don't have any kids - LOL!

Linda in VA


Great kids - inspired by a great Mom - inspired by a great Mom!! Gotta love those kids - sure, there are moments... Mine is a man now - but THAT feeling never goes away!

joann in tx

i stitched an angel freebie and planned on sending it to my 91 yr old mom....i think i'll tell her its a love present!

so thank you for the great idea!

love the new coffee mug - the new love present!!

joann in TX


Oh this is so darned sweet! What adorable girls you have, Paulette.

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