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February 27, 2009


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WOW, I really love that tin lunchbox! Never seen it before!

Have a very nice weekend!


I'm drooling over those Beach House fabrics, Paulette! lol! I had just convinced myself that I could go without them -- you've just convinced me that I need to save my pennies and buy them! Your Ruthie is looking good! Ruthie Sunday, here we come! I love your idea of Pieceful Thursdays! And finally -- it's so funny that you watched those items while stitching! I have both the Duchess and the John Adams series waiting for me! But I've never been able to stitch and watch. I just end up watching with no stitching! lol! I still haven't tried Lost yet, much as I've been tempted to. :D


Oh crud mud. You dog! A good daughter would GIVE her mother that lunchbox. Trade you my pillow? ROFLMLBBO!!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL fabrics.


I think I MUST have Ruthie. I cannot believe how stinkin' gorgeous it is at just this point!
I love Jan Karon's books ~ they just warm my heart. Father Tim isn't quite Edward, but I love him just the same!



Oh Paulette-y...that border is looking oh so gorgeous!! Get to stitching, I wanna see more!! And I have John Adams....been watching it and loving it! Guess this means I need to get The Duchess?? Oh I can't wait to see your new design...consider me chomping at the bit!!

Terri (TerriBoog)

Hi Paulette! Well, I finally created a typepad account so I could post to your blog. I've been reading it forever but could never get my comments to post. Well, I couldn't stand it any longer and had to get an account (I was worried about having to remember one more password!). Love your progress on Ruth - the colors and your stitching are awesome. If you haven't read the whole Mitford series by Jan Karon, you should! Actually, I listened to them on cd and the reader was terrific. The townsfolk are just so funny and sweet and like Joy said, Father Tim is not an Edward but he is so lovable! John Adams is a great movie, and one everyone should have in their collection! Have a great weekend!


OMG Ruthie is GAAAAWGEOUS!!!! I LOVE that border!!!!! Gawdy fuschia pink and all! ;o)

Thanks for posting the link to my quilty stuff! :o) Glad you like the tin. I think I'll be throwing those in when people buy FQ packs! A nice little extra! :o)

Hope you enjoyed your Starbucks! :o)


Oh my gosh. I looooove that BBD quilt pack! And the tin! Oh wow. I find it interesting, too, that those gorgeous colors in the BBD fabrics match the beautiful colors in your Ruthie. Love it! I think I am with Joy, I must get Ruthie, too. I'm so glad Margaret has a blog, too, so that we can watch her progress as well! I LOVE the John Adams series. You'll be all hyped up on patriotic stuff while watching.

Laurie in Iowa

I am so envious that you have that beautiful stack of Beach House fat quarters. I was trying to resist, but... I think I'm going to have to place an order.

Your Ruthie sampler is gorgeous... the colors are so bright and cheerful.

I think you and Margaret have sold me on Ruthie too!


I saw those fat quarters at a LQS a couple weeks ago. So gorgeous! I could just lay my body in all those like money. LOL

The boarder to your sampler is turning out beautifully. Can't wait to see your new design.


Wow, I love that beautiful tin lunch box and what wonderful fabric you got.
I am watching the same things...I'm just done with Lost season 4! Pfff, can't stitch watching Lost, it's too intense!
john Adams is next...probably tonight! Will be thinking about you ;)
Greetings form PA.


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