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February 10, 2009


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Hi Paulette! I love Ruth Bacheler! It's one of my favorite SL samplers. I think you may have convinced me to go ahead an order it. I have been drooling over it for awhile now. Your new design sneak peek looks so pretty too! Congrats to your daughter! :)


And order it that is. I really must learn to proofread! :)


Oh man!! Your Ruthie Sunday progress--both yours & Margaret's--is fabulous! The colors are GORGEOUS! Wow wow wow. Bird in the Bower--LOVE it already. Woo.

Congratulations to Breanna!! Woohoo!

Hey, on the laundry and house cleaning, it will wait. It will gain momentum and reproduce into much larger quantities with each moment that passes, but it will wait. I know it drives you crazy to see it, though! :P Urgh.


Hey there Paulette,
I've admired that SL sampler for a long time - your progress is gorgeous! Your sneak peek is pretty enticing :)

I hope you get outta your funk soon. I get in spells like that and often. I run around in a whirlwind most the time with the boys, designing, stitching, cooking, planning what the heck TO cook, scooting the mama taxi around town, school stuff - well, it just gets to be a lot so when I STOP it's like wait a minute, I should be doing...what now? And I won't I'll pick up a book and then fall in a reading binge. Oh and donuts fall in there too sometimes, sad to say. lol

Hang in there!

Michele B

Congratulations to Breanna! All her hard work paid off.

You have released so many great charts - I cannot wait to see the latest.

The Ruth sampler is so beautiful - I just ordered it! Maybe I will be stitching with you in a couple of Sundays! I love Irish stitch!



Your new start is fabulous! That border is amazing and so colorful! You almost have me tempted...but really, I have WAYYYY too much on my plate. Can't wait to see that new design, what fun!


No fair! I want to see the whole new design, not just a sneak peek! :D

And the DMC versus the silks -- a definite difference! See I told you -- I'm going to end up liking your Ruthie better than mine! :p

Congrats to Breanna. You must be so proud of her!

As for the housework, well, I can be pretty good at ignoring said problem. Then all of a sudden I get a bee in my bonnet and I have to clean everything in sight! Too bad I can't maintain a steady cleaning methodology.

Hope the laundry doesn't eat you up. :D


I love the look of your new design so far! And Ruth Bacheler is looking wonderful.

Congratulations to Breanna too!

joann TX

congrats to bree and the other girls! yeah! way to go!!!

love your sneak peak!!!

both you and margaret are doing a great job or ruthis! i'll have to look into ordering this...maybe...its not likei don't have a thing to stitch?! haha!


Oh no! My comment went to the bin cos I forgot to type in the code... Silly me! I'll do it again!
Congrats to Breanna and her team, they're amazing!
Nice sneak pic and nice start on the Ruth Bacheler.
And I know this feeling you're having at the moment... You're just exhausted and need time to "re-assemble" yourself. That's why you're stitching, I think. I tend to do that too when the stress level needs to come down.
As for the laundry, I think you could ask for help, super mummy! And one step at a time...
Many many hugs dear Paulette,
Lili from france


I did the same thing as Lili--forgot to type in that code. I think I am going to eat my words about that sampler, if you remember our conversation! I LOVE IT so far.
My congrats to Bre!!! That $10K jacket looks amazing! LoL!
You better hurry up with that Bird in Bower design before I finish Alphabets--I don't need a distraction once I start on the other. :-) LLLLLY!

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