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September 19, 2008


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Hi Paulette, I've been lurking your blog for longer than I care to recall, but this has finally prompted me to post.
Thankyou so much for this chart. My daughters are going to go totally nuts over this (or "nutser" anyway, if thats even a word).
Have to confess I'm more Jacob's girl myself, am I still allowed to read your blog???


LOL yes you can now die a happy woman to know your mom has got her time with dear Edward. I can say I honestly had never heard of the twilight series. What's wrong with me you ask? Why I live under a rock of course! LOL I am definitely intrigued now and will be sending for the first book on Oct 1st! Why so long?? Because we are military of course and that is our payday. Aww alas, I sadly wait...


Hurry up and get the Jacob one made ladyyy, before I hit you with my cane.
I love you,
but I love Jacob more.
Guess who.
Need a hint?


Cute story! I read the Twilight books because my 13 granddaughter was in love with them. It was very difficult to put them down. Thanks for the xs pattern. I'll be making that for DGD, Abby.


sorry, my english is not perfect. It's a good idea, I read twilight and of course I love this story
thank you for you freebies

Account Deleted

Hi from France. I've made a bookmart inspired from your chart. I'll send you the picture if you tell me how to do!
Thanks a lot!

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