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yum. That looks really good. I can just smell it now. I love your crock. I have crock all over my kitchen.


Oh that looks so good Paulette. The ultimate comfort food!


Oh, man, does that look good! :) You sure spent a lot of time writing all of that out! You deserve to go OUT to eat after that! ILY!

karen thomas

Okay....think I will having pot roast this weekend! Thanks for sharing!


Have to bookmark this page. I've never known how to make a roast. Thanks for posting this, Paulette! And Marsha, thanks for the recipe!


I made this roast for dinner tonight and it was excellent. I did make a few minor changes. I did not add the boullion cube. If you don't add salt at the begining as the instructions adding the boullion cube defeats the purspose as a boullion cube is full of salt. When I added the carrots to the pan there was not much juice left in the pan so I added a little beef broth. I salted the carrots when I added them, then when I added the potatoes a few minutes later I salted them also. When the potatoes were almost done I added some mushrooms just because DH and I both like them. Like I said DH and I both thought this was an excellent meal.


What a kind lady you are! Thank you very, very much for sharing your family's roast beef recipe. I'm looking forward to making it for my family. Your description and photos were great!

Before I head to the butcher's for a well-marbled roast, what cut do you prefer, and about what size?

Want to make sure I do it just right.

With much gratitude,


This was, and is, a wonderful recipe and thus needs more comments! :)

I agree with another commenter who found the boullion (aka salt and Msg) cube a head-scratcher. Maybe at the end for cooking up the potatoes? I'd love to have a beautiful Le Creuset pan for this type of stovetop operation. In my imagination that's the Ideal pan for such cooking...

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