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This sounds soooo good!!!! I have to get the DH to try this recipe. He's the baker of the family. :D Thanks, Marsha!


Yum, my DH would love them. I may have to do some baking this weekend :-).


These look delicious. I think I'll try them this weekend. What temp do you set the oven on?


Sandy, you bake them at 350 degrees...mom, I want you to make the FRENCH BREAKFAST PUFFS!!!!!


yummmmmm - I heart pecans so will surely try this sometime.

Tanya :)


I would bake them, but as your BFF you should bake them and ship me some. LOL These are fabulous cookies!

Janie Rolland

This cookie recipe sounds very good. I'll surprise my honey and make them for him this weekend! He really loves Pecans..we are from the south, so we use cook and bake alot with pecans.

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