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Okay, this won't help my waistline out at all...but guess where I'm headed tomorrow morning....yep........the grocery.........then Wednesday.......the gym........


holy stinking goat cheese!! I am so glad you FINALLY shared this recipe with your SWEET LOVING KIND and CARING sister!!!! MMMMMMMM! Dang it!! wonder how many stinking goat cheese points in ww this is!! who CARES!! I AM MAKING IT PRONTO!! LLLLLY! aud


Ack! This sound sooooo goood! We have a tiny freezer -- I don't know if I could clear enough space. Sigh..... I'm going to have to try!!!


Thank God I don't like Oreos ... I'd never square this with my endocrinologist ... but it does look beautiful on the plate ... the rest of you, enjoy!


I wonder if I could make it with Nabisco famous chocolate wafers (I actually don't like oreo cream. No, really. Yes, I'm kinda nuts.)

I also wonder if one could substitute home-made whipped cream, but it might freeze funny. I can see how this is something the family would eat not-quite frozen. :D Looks beautiful.


YUMMMMMMM does this ever look and sound good. Now I need to see if I can round up a crew to eat it so DH and I don't eat the whole thing.


I made this for DH and myself day before yesterday, so we could have it with last night's dinner. (Just in a much smaller version, using personal sized tart tins.) He LOVES it!! Between this and the strawberry muffins, I'm a hero at home! :) THANK YOU!


Delicious, thanks so much

Stitchin Sweet Sue

Well... here I am googling Belle Soie and I find this! You naughty naughty girl~in a good way! Thx for the recipe:)


Well I made this for my husband's birthday, and guess what....A Hit! I couldn't resist adding just a few more oreo crumbles on top of the layer of hot fudge, but either way it adds up to one big layer of frozen goodness. Thanks for sharing!

Oreo Ice Cream

Mouth watering delicacy..

Lisa Q

I made this for a get together....wish I hadn't...I had to share it with all the other people there. Wow! It was so good...delicious. Thanks for sharing!

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