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I had to laugh when you said that about Shaun. I'd say that is right on for him..but having had his cooking, he's definitely the BEST grilling guy around..and his own dad makes some mean, artery-clogging mashed potatoes that were indeed the best I'd ever eaten.


Woo hoo! So glad that this is up and running now! I am going to have to pull out some recipes and take some pics and get the ball rolling too!


glad to see your new blog! look forward to reading some fine recipes from your family to mine! :)

have already bookmarked 4 seasons cafe! :)

Laurie in Iowa

Oh what fun... now I don't have to bug Marsha about sharing her recipes... just make sure you share all the recipes for any food you mention or share snaps of on your blogs. Hey Paulette... could you post your pizza recipe here?


I agree with Laurie - this will save you both those pesky emails of "can I have the recipe" - what fun this will be.


How awesome is this???? So great to be able to have some of yours' and Marsha's recipes!! YUMMMMM!!!


Awesome another cooking blog,,I love them,,and I will be adding you to my sidebar,,goodluck..


I really like "Plum Street" so I'm sure I'll love this one, too. Especially 'coz I love cooking! Definitely will try some of recipes.
Btw, love the intro-photo!
Just wanted to ask if you're considering of changing the RSS settings so that full articles could be read through RSS?


Love this blog too! Wow, I'm definitely hooked cause definitely loved your recipes on Plum Street Samplers. :)


What a fun idea! Can't wait to see all your recipes :-).


thanks for sharing your recipe, your pics are as usual very beautiful!!!! i'll try to cook some if them even if it will be quiet difficult to change your mesure system. google i need you lol
gros bisous and thanks to you two or three...


Love the new blog. I look forward to finding and trying the recipes :)
Take Care

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