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Faye Riggsbee

Love the new blog~~~~ As soon as it will allow me to "follow", I will~~~ LOVE IT!~ Faye


So exciting!!! this sounds delish! I have to send the link to your blog to my hubby too -- he's the baker of the family. Maybe he'll get inspired to make these muffins. Yum! Great new blog! Yay!!!!

Julie S.

Congrats on the new blog! Can't wait to see what recipes you post!


Looks good!
I'll add the link to my recipe blog - fun :)


What gorgeous photos! Love 'em! :D


oh i love this new blog .. whith the muffins and some coffee !!


Beautiful pictures Paulette! I just added your new blog to my reader. Those muffins look so good!!


What a wonderful looking blog--just amazing photography... Looking forward to visiting often :)


Beautiful blog...love the muffins :P !!!

Ciao ciao


Gorgeous pics, P! Just beautiful! And the muffins don't sound too bad either! ;o)


Love the new blog and look forward to many new recipies. These muffins are defiently something I need to try. DH loves muffins for his breakfast.

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