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May 08, 2012


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NPI 511 is such a nice, calming paint color! Love your new bedspread, and LOVE the Adam & Eve sampler!


I like your new wall color and the A&E sampler looks fantastic!


Blast!! All that pretty flowery stuff I just wrote disappeared....:( To recap:

Dutch Beauty - fabulous against new wall color
Bedspread - lovely.
The simple look - very nice
A&E - rocks, will hold her own the with other two.


Congrats on stitching a new A&E - it's gorgeous!


It looks gorgeous!!! Love the new walls, the new spread, and the new A&E too. Your color changes on the A&E are wonderful!


Love the direction for your bedroom. I, too, like simplicity. Just wish I could attain it! LOL. Like your color choice too, but I must admit I like Tilly best. ;) Cathryn


Love the bedspread & the A&E is awesome :)


gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! Love the A&E, love the new paint color and the bedspread is fabulous :-).


Love the paint! LOVE the bedspread! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the A&E! Lollygagging around...hmmm....I like it! ;o)

Laurie in Iowa

Your A&E looks wonderful and I love the new paint color. Your bedspread is beautiful.


The new crystal Clear looks so restful. And yes... keep the sweaty man off the new bedspread!!!!

♥ marylin ♥

Merveilleux !
bisous de FRANCE


Very nice looking update! You just have to do that once in a while... Good thing to warn Mike BEFORE. It seems like every A&E I see I say, Oh, I'll do that one next...including a couple of yours!

April Taylor

I love that new color Paulette! My mother needs smelling salts alot too! lol Love the colors you used in the A&E.


That bedspread is gorgeous! And love the new A&E!

karen thomas

That bedspread brings back many memories from my grandmother's house. She always had those with the wormy like fringe.

Love your finished sampler too....

Julie McConnell

Paulette, the paint color is beautiful and your new bedspread is gorgeous!! I couldn't have the white in my room though due to the dog issue we discussed. Thanks for being patient with the framer. She is working as fast as she can these days!


Your "new" bedroom looks wonderful! My mother always had the exact same Bates bedspread as yours, and now I have one too. Don't worry too much about Mike with is very washable. I've had mine for years, and it still looks great.

I forgot to congratulate you earlier on having completed "Dutch Beauty". That is quite an accomplishment!


Beautiful finish Paulette! I love the changes you made. I also love your new bedspread too. It's so pretty and simple.


I absolutely LOVE the new color and the new bedspread - fantastic!!! And your version of Lisa's A&E is gorgeous. It will look so pretty with PL and FE. Can't wait to see everything hung up together and Dutch Beauty presiding against the new wall color!


WOW - that color is perfect! DH and I are starting remodeling our bedroom/bath combo and he wants more "manly" colors than the lovely yellow I have in there now. This is the perfect compromise. I love it - glad you have such excellent taste!

I remember my mother having one of those bedspreads for years. Didn't know they were still around. Hers lasted for years so I am sure it can stand up to a little man sweat!

Frances will look fabulous against this.

Lynn Jones

I love your new colour choice. It would have such a wonderful, calming effect. Perfect choice for a bedroom!

I had a very similar chenille bedspread that covered my bed when I was growing up. They were so popular then and I think they're making a bit of a comeback.
I'm thinking of purchasing one for my guest bedroom.

You've done a lovely job on your A&E! I can't wait to see all three hanging on the wall.

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