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July 23, 2010


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Paualette, I so enjoy your blog, it's one of the first ones I check every morning! ;-) I know you're proud of your daughter and hopefully she will follow in her mothers footsteps and be another great designer. Do any of her college friends stitch? We need to get more "young" people into stitching (I say that like I'm ancient - I'm not, just don't want to see stitching disappear!).

I'd be willing to bet as much as Mike likes to have his picture taken, you could fill all 12 months of a calender with him.... hmmm, you might both have to think of a second career.... ;-)

Have a fantastic weekend,


I agree with Amy that Mike would happily populate a calendar all by himself. ;) Here I thought Sophie was the girl most like her Daddy, but your Breanna takes after him as well. When I saw this Mike pic I thought, "Oh, did she cut her hair?" (Okay, not really. But there's a family resemblance that goes beyond looks.) That Sabrina face put me more in mind of a Yip-yip (of Sesame Street fame), but your pick is more accurate.

Thanks for sharing the finishes!


hello paulette
your pics are every time better, it's amazing, and your "sens de l'humour" crack me up ;) thanks for sharing this beautiful life you have, those crazy moments are always a good time for me.


I hadn't thought of Beaker! lol! Pretty funny! And that Mike -- va va voom! :D Love all the finishes. I'm heading over to Blueberry Lane now....


think of all the calendars the city could sell if they put their finest in it????? yeah!

great pics! nice to see some of the freebies stitched up! :)


I love Beaker, too! :D


Beaker was one of my favorites too. Just hilarious.

Julie H

Yea, that was my suggestion!! LOL

I also had someone suggest doing it in the colors of the Netherlands (I think!?! - you'd have to go to my blog to read the comments left on my finish).
She also thought it would be neat to do a flag series!


Having seen a photo of Mike in his uniform before, knew he was a policeman, just thought I would let you know he is in my prayers each day, as are all policemen, firemen (my son is one) and all our armed forces, they protect us, so I pray for their safety each day! Oh yes if Mike makes it on the January calender be sure to let us know, I am sure we will all rush out and buy a copy, grin. Barb in western NC

Liz from Oz

Hi Paulette,
Love the Beaker look-alike. Even a reference to him makes me smile. BTW If you feel like a quick fix - You Tube has some great Muppet clips.
My current fave
I also love your family updates, they make me smile too. Thanks so much for taking the time run such a vibrant blog.
PS ALSO love to see finishes of your (and Breanna's) great designs. Well done.


Absolutely great stitching Paulette. And your girls are great :) Looks like Poor Mike is feeling left out again


I'm very happy that you talk of my blog ! sorry my english is poor !!!! very very thanks of france !!! pascale (

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